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New Evidence Our Universe Might Be A Hologram After All

From the dawn of recorded history, philosophers and scientists alike have questioned the nature of our physical reality. Plato famously posited that our perception of reality is similar to individuals perceiving shadows on the walls of a cave, with the “real” reality existing just out of our view. Chinese philosopher Zhuang Zhou wrote a similar allegory, dreaming he was a butterfly which dreamed it was Zhuang Zhou; when he awoke, the story goes, he wasn’t sure which he actually was – the butterfly or the man.

Maybe the butterfly is a hologram too.

Maybe the butterfly is a hologram too.

While these stories are now viewed as antiquated anecdotes, they touch upon some of the same themes of recent developments made in the most advanced theoretical sciences. Some of the biggest names in science, from Elon Musk to Neil Degrasse Tyson, have claimed that we might actually exist inside of an advanced computer simulation similar to the one found in The Matrix. Research in quantum physics has revealed all kind of weird dimensions to our reality, possibly implying the presence of some sort of programming similar to computer coding.

Of course, the simulated universe theory could just be seen as a post-computer re-telling of Plato’s cave allegory.

Of course, the simulated universe theory could just be seen as a post-computer re-telling of Plato’s cave allegory.

Now, new research out of the University of Southampton has updated another mind-bending claim about the nature of the universe. Researchers there have claimed to have found substantial evidence to the theory that rather than a three-dimensional physical reality, the universe we perceive could actually be the holographic representation of a two-dimensional universe. Weird.

I’m told this image helps explain the hologram theory, but all it does for me is make my head hurt.

I’m told this image helps explain the hologram theory, but all it does for me is make my head hurt. The universe is getting waaaaaay too complicated.

According to a press release issued by the University of Southampton, the researchers came to this conclusion after sifting through massive amounts of data gathered on cosmic background radiation left over from the Big Bang. Tiny fluctuations in this radiation were studied, revealing that recent quantum theories can explain many of the previously unexplainable deviations in calculations about the spread of this radiation. The holographic model proposed by the highly technical study claims that our 3D universe we perceive is only a representation of the true 2D universe being projected by cosmic background radiation.

The holographic universe theory helps explain many of the mysteries of advanced astrophysics. Plus, holograms are totally neat.

The holographic universe theory helps explain many of the mysteries of advanced astrophysics. Plus, holograms are totally neat.

University of Southampton mathematics professor Kostas Skenderis claims that this new research could be the first in a long attempt to successfully bridge two highly important areas of physics research, Einstein’s theory of general relativity and quantum field mechanics:

Scientists have been working for decades to combine Einstein’s theory of gravity and quantum theory. Some believe the concept of a holographic universe has the potential to reconcile the two. I hope our research takes us another step towards this.

Of course, this theory is just that: a theory. While the hologram model can reconcile many of the unanswered questions stemming from competing models of the universe and reality, it is still nearly impossible to gather concrete, empirical evidence for such claims.

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  • Mathew Chartrand

    Wrap your head around this and your still in a state of turmoil.

  • Misdirected Mēnis

    This article broke my brain.

  • Clamb

    It still doesnt explain insane islamists.

  • Clamb

    It didnt take much.

  • NavyVeteran

    If we are indeed inside a holographic universe, it makes sense that all the info is stored in the Akashic Records. Which at any given time, anyone can gain knowledge from the past or the future by achieving a higher level of being. It also makes sense that the “big bang” isn’t from a singular “god” but either a holograph or the result of a black hole, which we can’t see yet.

  • fpomc osteopathic

    I was reading in a scientific American Special Collector’s Edition winter 2016 page 85 paragraph two.It quoted from James Gates a theoretical physicist at university of Maryland that universe is driven by mathematical codes and it resembles to him of error-correcting codes that made browsers to work!

  • SirWilhelm

    I believe the Universe was created by a Supreme Being. A spiritual entity we know as The Creator of All Things. He created our spirits, or souls, at the same time He created the physical Universe. The spiritual universe, or dimension, exists outside the physical Universe, When the Creator wills it, our souls are sent into the physical universe through conception, and birth. The flesh, our bodies, are our sou’s interface with the physical world. Recent experiments have shown our brains are the actual contact interface. A couple people with divided brains, where the connection between the two halves of their brains was missing, or damaged, worked the same way as normal brains. The scientists took that as evidence of a higher power, the soul, actually controlling the brain.Since the soul is eternal, and it’s experiences in the flesh are temporary, the physical Universe is an illusion. Especially since our brains, are greatly limited, compared to what our unfettered souls are capable of. That is one of the purposes of the flesh, to constrict us to the experiences the Creator wants us to experience, and learn from, in the physical Universe. Things we do not experience, and can not learn, in the spirit world.

  • SayonaraSamurai

    So…in other words, pretty much what the last paragraph says.

  • ivr

    Can’t we have all that without a supreme being? Kind makes the SB sound like a bureaucrat; Soul A171 will go into flesh C4536 for the period of time 1979ADCE until 2027ADCE or until removal of said soul is advanced/delayed in accordance with the wishes of the SB. Signed stamped dated…Next!

  • Zeek

    There was this guy in my hometown, after a car accident he damaged his brain and his personality changed completely. he became loud and obnoxious, a totally different person than who he used to be. so who was this guy? the one before or the one after the accident? are we in our souls or in our brains?

  • mph23

    Here’s a fun thought: If the soul is eternal (ie: not bound by time to space) then we are all the same soul; occupying uncountable bodies over the past, present, and future simultaneously.

    So be nice to each other. That’s you you’re fighting with. 😉

  • SirWilhelm

    Yes, I’m familiar with the group soul concept. I’m also familiar with the theory that God created our souls by splitting us off from his spirit. Our goal is to reunite with Him, eventually, by living as many lives in the flesh as it takes, to find our way back to him, through achieving a state of grace. There is one rule, that, if we all lived by it, we would need no other rules or laws. That is the Golden Rule: “Do unto others as you would have others do unto you.”