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17.12 – MU Podcast


This week we peel back the occult layers to investigate the Merovingian bloodline, Rennes-le-Château, and Ouija board sessions with antediluvian God-Kings of old. 

We then share the true horror of history’s worst plagues and the Tantra of Tachikawa-ryu


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  • Chato77

    Ha!!! The ouija board telling them to buy the Boyd Rice NON CD bit was hilarious!!! So crazy but I love it.

  • Vaeda Maree Van Lieshout

    Loved the Podcast! But was wondering why, when contacted via ouija board, Cain, and subsequently Baphomet, answered in English? Would ancient gods and “man/woman/tit-goats” speak English? Do ouija boards have Google Translate now?

  • Edomaden

    Great episode guys! You touched on many of my interest points. Loved how Cain’s voice moved between caveman/Japanese guy…
    This latest season of MU has been my favorite since I started listening 2 years ago, You are both hitting it out of park every week with great stories, interviews and humor to boot.

  • We probably should’ve been apocalypsed for Captain Ron.

  • Eric John

    Thanks for demystifiying the Holy Blood/Holy Grail: I didn’t know it was a proven hoax.

    As for the gold found at the Rennes-de-la-Chateau, this is my guess. Part of the job of Templars was to protect travellers AND keep the gold/money safe for crusaders while they headed off to the Middle East. Basically, they were trusted bankers. (As I rememeber).

    So during the Middle Ages this church may have doubled as a Templars bank.Cut to 1800’s priest finds map, becomes wildly rich overnight.

  • J. Kennedy

    Just listened to this episode (free only), and as a one-time fan and voracious consumer of fantasy literature, I noticed that the description of the 3 extant races of humankind sounds awfully similar to the humans (“Aryans”), elves (“Fairy”), and dwarves (“Underground”) found in a lot of classic sword-and-sorcery fantasy. Tolkien is credited as the progenitor of these tropes. Did he know something?! Was he in a secret society?! 😛 Regardless, that’s an interesting match. Perhaps the people claiming to have spoken to Cain and Baphomet were inspired by the old fantasy formulas. 😉