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17.16 – MU Podcast


Missing 411 suspects get lined up for this episode as we look at the patterns of strange activity that bind them together. 

The Australian Yowie returns in a very vocal way along with insane tales of Orb-nappings from the Blue Mountains.

We then return to the so called “cluster location” or “windows area” of the Great Lakes Triangle and investigate the unsolved cases of missing aircraft, vanishing ships, and strange underwater objects.


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  • Ethan E-Fun Abra

    Bogan Bigfoot rampage,
    And killer wombats ‘they’ll go for ya testicals’
    And homless gorilla men that steal your clothes.
    This is delightful

  • RenaissanceLady

    don’t have any large predators, here in Australia.”
    Crocodiles are friendly creatures and can be taken for joyrides.

  • Phillip Rubianes

    big-foot must have a big D if shes not leaving him lol

  • ptatleriv

    I’m probably a terrible human being for saying this but Abusive Boyfriend Sasquatch is my favorite Sasquatch since Learning-To-Drive-A-Stick Sasquatch.

  • Lenny Lexx

    I was driving a sunny late afternoon out of Milwaukee Wi back in summer 1989. A few miles out I started to pass a semi truck and everything faded into black. I came out of the darkness down the road from my house and it was night time.

    It was 2.5 hours I was missing but traveled about 110 miles to west of Green Bay Wi where I live. I came out of total darkness and into the night. I was conscious of this and was in wonder. I got to the house and looked over my car for any damage but found none. I have no idea where I went for 2.5 hours. The truck I was passing, the highway, the daytime all simply went dark till I got home.