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Investment Firm Issues Million-Dollar Bounty for Bigfoot

Bigfoot’s been busy. The ever-elusive ape-man made headlines earlier this year after a seemingly ‘credible’ sighting in North Dakota, but as usual, it was just some joker with giant wooden shoes and a poor sense of humor. Perhaps the regularity of similar Bigfoot hoaxes was the reasoning behind a New Mexico state senator’s bill to block government funding for Bigfoot hunts, but that didn’t stop Washington State from considering naming Bigfoot as its official state cryptid (is that a thing?). Now, the Bigfoot news train shows no signs of slowing down as a publicly-traded investment firm has issued a one million dollar (USD) bounty for the bipedal beast of many names.

Maybe theyd have better luck with a cool poster.

Maybe they’d have better luck with a cool poster.

The bounty is being offered by Bigfoot Project Investments Inc. The company describes themselves as a “Bigfoot sightings and encounters investigation and live capture team.” According to their website, the group is bent on proving that Bigfoot is real:

[We] conduct Bigfoot research, tracking and hunting expeditions across the USA. We investigate and interview Bigfoot encounter reports. When enough evidence has been assembled the Team will survey, explore, analyze, camp out in, stake out and set up cameras and traps in locations where current and past Bigfoot sightings and encounters have occurred. [Our] goal is to prove to the public the creature does exist, and capture Bigfoot.

There he is! Oh, wait. Its just Chewbacca.

There he is! Oh, wait. It’s just Chewbacca again.

Of course, there is some fine print. Verification depends on “scientific, biological and conclusive authentications” carried out by a team of experts hired by the contest company behind the bounty. Bigfoot Project Investments, Inc., however, claims that they’re willing to stand behind such a large bounty in order to end the Bigfoot debate once and for all:

To silence all doubters Bigfoot Project Investments, Inc. is devoting all their resources and putting their money where their mouth is to prove it. That’s why we have issued this Bigfoot Million Dollar Bounty. We are offering a Million Dollar ($1,000,000) Bigfoot bounty for anyone brave enough to deliver information leading to the capture or delivery of a bona fide Bigfoot.

Hmm. “Bona fide” Bigfoot, eh? Is there a minimum shoe size requirement? In its filings with the SEC, the company listed itself in the entertainment industry, and sure enough, the group is currently filming a documentary and opening a combination museum and hotel. The company raised some serious eyebrows in 2016 when the company first went public at a cost of $50.01 a share, giving them a staggering $10 billion market capitalization (the total value of all of its shares). That figure was likely a mistake, as shares now hover around .65 cents. Is this latest bounty announcement merely a publicity stunt? Highly likely. Nevertheless, the company seems sincere in its pledge to fork over a $1 million bounty if Bigfoot is indeed captured. Happy hunting.

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  • Doug Phillips

    I hope they’re serious about it,some of these shows are a joke.

  • You guys know this company is run by Tom Biscardi … the guy from 2008 who held the news conference regarding the Bigfoot in the Freezer … the guy who swore to a room full of AP reporters on national TV that it was the real deal, that he had seen it, he had felt it, and the body in the freezer was “as real as you are.” Yeah … THAT Tom Biscardi.

    If Tom was half as good as he claims to be he could find Bigfoot on his own and save 1 mil.

  • St Kos

    First, has the 1M been put in a trust account? Second, don’t you think a person with a bigfoot body, alive or dead, would be able to make more than 1M from his discovery? Just another hoax by a known publicity seeker.

  • Ashley

    How sad! A bounty of ONLY $1 million dollars?!? That’s all you’ll offer for the capture of this particular cryptid?? I believe wholeheartedly BF is worth a lot more $ than that.