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  • caitlin1212
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    12.12 – MU Podcast


    Author and mortician Caitlin Doughty joins us this week to discuss her new book ‘Smoke Gets in Your Eyes‘ and the gruesome details behind the scenes of her profession. In between tales of mouldy corpses and flaming skulls, Caitlin exposes our modern culture’s disconnection from the reality of…


    10.13 – MU Podcast

    With the US Government shutdown affecting the Mars Curiosity rover and the Asteroid Watch program, we dream up wild scenarios of Martian Pyramids and killer asteroids being missed because the politicians went fishing. Then, after insulting our Queen, we discuss the other big headlines for the week…


    10.12 – MU Podcast

    Underwater Pyramids hit the headlines this and it takes us approximately 40 seconds to find someone calling the find a “Gaia Activation Portal of the 9th Density”. After the crystal fun we then cover the news of America’s ‘Broken Arrows’ and Nuclear near misses.  Children’s past life…


    10.11 – MU Podcast

    With Area 51 being the most famous “secret” base on the planet, Mack Maloney returns to MU to take on us a trip around the world to hunt down the world’s lesser known (but more intriguing  secret and forbidden locations. From the mountains of Russia to the deserts…


    10.10 – MU Podcast

    Strange neurological conditions and missing time amnesia are discussed early on with a special mention of the crowd favourite ‘Foreign Accent Syndrome’. We then lead you deep into subterranean tunnels to face the trials of ancient secret societies and eventually end up in alien bases beneath the…


    10.09 – MU Podcast

    After trying to wrap our heads around some odd headlines for the week we welcome Mike Clelland to the guest seat. Mike shares his strange childhood experiences and the intriguing connection between alien abductees and owls while giving us an insight into the high strangeness seen within…


    10.08 – MU Podcast

    We begin our discussion this week with the morphing relationship between emerging technology and psychosis. Will the recent news of human to human brain interfaces lead to more wild conspiracy? You can guarantee we’ll do our best to make sure it does.  Steve Volk then joins us…


    10.07 – MU Podcast

    OBE expert Graham Nicholls joins us this week to help navigate the Out of Body Experience and give us all some valuable techniques to jump out of the physical shell.  Dulce updates are also featured with the new Greg Valdez book along with the Obon festival of…


    10.06 – MU Podcast

    We dish up a serious dosage of Doom Porn on this episode with Sol’s pole shift, deadly meteor clusters heading for Earth, and giant Fatbergs ready to take over a sewer near you. Also featured are Alien hybrids giving some questionable career opportunities and abductions from Outback…


    10.05 – MU Podcast

    Is it possible that the legendary abilities of Yoga masters are real and lying dormant within us? Are we now poised for an evolutionary trigger to pull the switch and release our full potentials? Dean Radin joins us to answer these questions and more as we discuss the…


    10.04 – MU Podcast

    Harry Hubbard joins us this week to share the true story behind the mystery of the Burrows Cave in Illinois and the strange artifacts and tomb found within. What secrets does the cave hold beyond the confirmation of ancient trans-oceanic contact? The Bridgewater Triangle is also featured…


    10.03 – MU Podcast

    Laser guided knives and levitating coffee are the order of the day right after we get an update on Elon Musk’s Hyperloop plan. We then somehow end up discussing the Earth’s harmonic grid which segues perfectly into seductive encounters with Men in Black. Our Plus+ extension then…


    10.02 – MU Podcast

    Dr. Eben Alexander’s “Proof of Heaven” is questioned once again with malpractice questions being raised along with discrepancies in his story. Has the NDE been debunked or are we seeing a desperate character assassination attempt? Also featured are alien implants in a Sydney man and intelligent light…