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I was a veteran Plus+ subscriber and PayPal cancelled my subscription. Now when I sign back up to Plus+ I don’t have access to the previous back catalogue?

For one reason or another PayPal may cancel your subscription. This can be due to a number of factors including:

Billing failures
Bank-PayPal communication failures
Credit card expiry
Billing information changes
Personal information changes
Internal PayPal communication process failures
Mistaken fraud detection
Unknown PayPal internal procedures

Unfortunately these issue are beyond our control and the cancellation of your account will result in the cessation of your access to the veteran back catalogue. We apologise for any inconvenience caused however the development of the new Plus+ system has been implemented to significantly improve your Plus+ experience.

Please be aware that access to the old Plus+ system will soon be phased out for everyone regardless of their veteran status.

Announcements regarding the discontinuation of veteran access to the back catalogue have been made since July of 2012. We have consistently advised that if you are a veteran subscriber, you must download the back catalogue because when new Plus+ comes online the back catalogue would be phased out.