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If I join Plus+ do I get access to the back catalogue of Podcasts?

When you first sign up to Plus+ you get access to all the extended episodes of our current active seasons of the Mysterious Universe Podcast & the Mysterious Universe Plus+ podcast.

The new Plus+ is a significant improvement over the previous system. Issues encountered with the previous system have been corrected to greatly improve your user experience.

Access to the back catalogue has been changed to improve fairness to all Plus+ subscribers. Previously a subscriber would be able to sign up and download the entire catalogue for the cost of just one month. This ‘Hit and Run’ is unfair to those who have been existing subscribers for an extended period of time.

To get the best possible experience from Plus+, it is beneficial to sign up to one of the plans offered rather than waiting for the previous seasons to be released for sale in our store. To comply with copyright agreements, the music has been removed from the back catalogue.

Also, to make downloading the back catalogue easier, each season has been packaged into an easily downloadable zip file. *(Coming soon to the store)