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    Podcasts, Season 14

    14.05 – MU Podcast

    David and Ben Paulides join us to discuss their upcoming documentary on David’s Missing 411 research. The work chronicles children, adults and the elderly who have disappeared, sometimes in the presence of friends and relatives. As Search and Rescue personnel exhaust leads and places to search, relatives start to believe kidnappings and abductions have occurred. The new…

  • UFO Over The Coast With People In Foreground
    UFO Phenomenon

    Has UFO Disclosure Already Happened?

    Disclosure. It’s the word which entered the vocabulary of UFOlogy’s discourse in the late 90’s, and like an insidious Trojan Horse it completely hijacked the field’s policies and public strategies ever since. To be fair, the concept is almost as old as the study of UFOs itself, and since the 50s we’ve had prominent spokespersons demanding…

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    Cryptozoology, News

    The Beast-Man of Bowman’s Woods

    On March 27, 1907, the Nevada-based Reno Evening Gazette newspaper ran a story with the very eye-catching title of “Wild Man Startles People of Kentucky.” The sub-title added even more to the eye-opening and jaw-dropping nature of the story: “Hairy Creature Seen by Farmhand, and Both Are So Scared That They Prepare to Run.” The story…

  • 663076_m
    Bizarre, Modern Mysteries

    The Cursed Paradise of Italy

    When people think of romantic places to get away from it all, the rustic and cozy coast of southern Italy, with its gorgeous oceanside villas and stunning scenery, would perhaps fit the bill for many. Here along the craggy coastline there are numerous charming, secluded islands full of wonders both natural and historical, where one could…

  • closed metal door with lock
    Conspiracy, News

    A Government Secret in Plain Sight

    Sometimes, as I know from experience, the world of officialdom goes to great and extreme lengths to ensure that something of a secret nature remains a secret. On other occasions, however, the situation can be very different. A secret can be hidden in plain sight, with very few people having any awareness of it at all….


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