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  • 14.01_rita
    Podcasts, Season 14

    14.01 – MU Podcast

    We return to the studio for the start of a new season with tales of doom, robots, and the mystery of time. Dr Rita Louise also joins us for a discussion on the connections between ancient mythology across world cultures and what they may tell us about our human origins. Dr. Rita Louise The E.T. Chronicles:…

  • Light_Coat_Yeti

    A Monster on the Glacier?

    It is a fact that sightings of the Yetis of the Himalayas are far less prevalent than they were in decades long gone. And there’s no doubt that the 1920s was a period of a number of intriguing encounters. A perfect example of this is the story of N.A. Tombazi, a British photographer who also happened…

  • Indianapolis 500 Mile Race

    Exploring American Monsters: Indiana

    The state of Indiana is best known for its sports, like the Indianapolis 500 and Brickyard 400 motorsports races, the NFL’s Indianapolis Colts, the NBA’s Indiana Pacers, and college basketball. It’s also home to farmland, rivers, lakes, and plains. It’s the 38th largest state with the 16th greatest population. Indiana has its share of famous residents,…

  • suicide
    Bizarre, News

    Synchronicities at Suicide Central?

    Well, July 1 was a strange day for me; in fact, a very strange day. It was one filled with synchronicities concerning a specific place in England. Or, depending on your own personal perspective on synchronicities, it was simply a series of random coincidences that only appeared to be something more. I have no solid opinion…

  • Phantom-SubmovieshipCGfirstfull2
    Ghosts & Hauntings, Modern Mysteries

    The Haunted Submarine of World War I

    During the hellacious and bloody battles of World War 1, a terrifying new enemy was unleashed beneath the waves of the sea; the submarine. Never before had these new weapons of war seen such deadly and widespread usage. The Germans in particular put submarines to spectacularly lethal effect. Silent, stealthy, appearing from nowhere from under the…


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