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  • suicide
    Bizarre, News

    Synchronicities at Suicide Central?

    Well, July 1 was a strange day for me; in fact, a very strange day. It was one filled with synchronicities concerning a specific place in England. Or, depending on your own personal perspective on synchronicities, it was simply a series of random coincidences that only appeared to be something more. I have no solid opinion…

  • Phantom-SubmovieshipCGfirstfull2
    Ghosts & Hauntings, Modern Mysteries

    The Haunted Submarine of World War I

    During the hellacious and bloody battles of World War 1, a terrifying new enemy was unleashed beneath the waves of the sea; the submarine. Never before had these new weapons of war seen such deadly and widespread usage. The Germans in particular put submarines to spectacularly lethal effect. Silent, stealthy, appearing from nowhere from under the…

  • 280429_monkeykingzx_snowbeast
    Cryptozoology, Entertainment

    Snowbeast – A Movie Monster

    Within the domain of Bigfoot-themed movies, there are some that are very good and more than a few that are downright terrible. Situated somewhere between both camps are those films of a Sasquatch nature that have developed cult-like followings, purely due to the fact that while they’re not great, they’re still engagingly watchable and memorable. One…

  • big-foot-hunters_fe

    The Grinning “Gorilla” of Canada

    Way back in 1933, a writer named Elliott Merrick told of a Bigfoot-style monster roaming around Happy Valley-Goose Bay, Labrador, Canada, around two decades earlier. The location was land near the Traverspine River. Merrick’s story began in appropriately chilling and monstrous style: “Ghost stories are very real in this land of scattered lonely homes and primitive…

  • dogman

    “Dog With A Human Face”

    If, like me, you’re a fan of the writings of Linda Godfrey – and particularly her werewolf-themed book, The Michigan Dogman – then what I’m about to share with you now is likely to be of deep interest. It’s an old newspaper story – dating back more than a century – that is eerily reminiscent of…


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