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  • Nessie

    Pepie The Lake Monster

    It’s always a good day when a review-book arrives in the mail and its subject-matter is one that intrigues me. Such was the case just recently when I received  a copy of the new book from Chad Lewis and Noah Voss. Its title: Pepie: The Lake Monster of the Mississippi River. Published by On The Road…

  • 10.08
    Plus+ Podcasts, Season 10 Plus+

    10.08 – MU Plus+ Podcast

    The role of animals in Shamanism is discussed before we venture into the DMT realms with new mind blowing experiences of cosmic elevators. Ibogaine and Peruvian jungle remedies are also featured before we hear encounters with pestering Tulpa thought-forms. Links This episode is exclusive to Plus+ Members. To join, click HERE. You Almost Certainly Have Mites…

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  • church-crystal-ball
    Ancient Mysteries, Bizarre, Spirituality

    The Mysterious Bone Crypt of Rothwell

    When one thinks of churches, there are a lot of images that may spring to mind. Altars, sweeping rows of seats, perhaps you might conjure up thoughts of magnificent murals, statues, or stained glass windows intricately etched with religious imagery. What might not immediately spring to mind are mysterious subterranean crypts filled with unexplained skeletal remains…

  • indiana-hat-and-whip
    Bizarre, Entertainment

    The Real-Life Indiana Jones

    The 1932 movie, White Zombie, was written by Garnett Weston. It was, however, based upon a book penned by a man named William Seabrook. The latter was, to say the very least, quite a character. Seabrook was someone who traveled the world having all sorts of Indiana Jones-style adventures, and mixing with voodoo practitioners, witch-doctors, head-hunters…

  • 1208
    Podcasts, Season 12

    12.08 – MU Podcast

    We begin with the impending release of the Kennewick man study that has shifted our views on native American history, then invite Chris Backe to join us for a discussion on his travels to the weirdest locations Asia has to offer. Our Plus+ extension includes an escape from hungry cannibals and the search for Florida’s lost…


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