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communicate with animals Archive


    First Sighting of Chimpanzees Performing Mortuary Ritual

    Life on Earth can seem a little lonely when you consider that we’re incapable of communicating with the rest of the animal kingdom. Imagine the wonders of the natural world we could discover if we could hear the tales of deep sea whales or migratory birds. Unfortunately,…


    Horses Can Communicate with Humans

    In the film “Doctor Doolittle,” the main character talked to the animals. A recent study conducted in Norway shows how to communicate with horses. This is not like Mr. Ed the talking horse on vintage television. This communication involves the use of symbols. The study found that…


    Peter Gabriel and his Shocking Skyping Monkeys

    In an announcement that shocked the monkey world, singer Peter Gabriel is working with the Monkey World Ape Rescue Centre in Dorsett, England, in an attempt to teach chimpanzees how to use videoconferencing software like Skype to communicate with each other. (OK, before you go all [email protected]