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contactees Archive


    13.10 – MU Podcast

    Skeptiko host Alex Tsakiris joins us to talk about the science of consciousness and his new book ‘Why Science is Wrong… About Almost Everything’. We discuss the entrenched materialism running rampant in modern scientific thought along with Alex’s interviews with those who serve to uphold the existing…


    9.11 – MU Plus+ Podcast

    GPS powered snakes and 3D printed housing get us warmed up before we look at ancient tales of miracles from medieval China. The flying monks then lead us into missing time cases from Alaska, 2014’s Humanoid Reports, and questionable crystal scholarships. Check out our Plus+ membership for…

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    11.08 – MU Podcast

    Renowned ufologist Richard Dolan joins us for a discussion on his new book ‘UFOs for the 21st Century Mind‘. The interview covers the many facets of the mystery of UFOs including ancient history, the evolving nature of UFO secrecy, political liberties, and the possible future impact of…


    Alien Abductions and the Missing Fetus Phenomenon

    One of the most disturbing aspects of the alien abduction phenomenon is the multitude of pregnant women who report having their fetus taken from them during an abduction event. These intrusive incidents are occurring on a much grander scale than most of the general public realize because…

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    The Saucer and the Devil Girl

    One of the things that fascinates me about the world of Ufology is the way in which it – and its attendant reports of alien-human contact – has influenced movie-makers. Take a look at, for example, Close Encounters of the Third Kind; E.T.: The Extraterrestrial; Men in Black;…

    Secret Spying and a Contactee

    Secret Spying and a Contactee

    In the early to mid 1950s, numerous people, all across the planet, claimed contact with human-looking ETs from far-away worlds. The aliens in question were usually seen attired in one-piece-outfits, while sporting heads of long blond hair. Not only that: the cosmic visitors assured those of us who they…

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    UFOs: About That White House Question

    One of those longstanding questions relative to UFOs that consistently and constantly pops up is: If aliens and UFOs are indeed visiting us, then why don’t they land on the White House lawn and announce their presence to one and all? Okay, I know it’s a question that…


    UFOs and Mind Manipulation

    One of the most significant aspects of countless Contactee-driven encounters is the fact that the experiences at issue occurred in significantly altered states of mind, and while the Contactees were often situated in distinctly isolated locations. Let us examine the evidence. An early Contactee encounter that was brought…

    Серп и молот (hoz y martillo) by Inmigrante a media jornada via

    Commie Contactees

    Well, it’s not often I do a post that is so close in nature to one I’ve just written, but on this occasion I’ll make an exception! A few days ago I wrote an article here at Mysterious Universe addressing the theory that some of the Contactees…

    FBI Doc

    Contactees or Secret Agents?

    One of the most outrageous, but certainly intriguing, theories surrounding the early years of the Contactee movement suggests the Contactees were in the clandestine employ of the United States’ Intelligence community. Their secret role: to spread outlandish – and utterly fictitious – tales of trips to the…

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    Alien Archives and the FBI

    Digging through the FBI’s declassified, multi-volumed, UFO files at its Vault site can be a rewarding task. Even though the files in question were declassified decades ago, there are a few stand-out nuggets of data that, perhaps years later, still shed more light on the early days of…

    Contactees by Natecull via

    An Early Contactee?

    Without doubt, the Contactee movement – and its attendant tales of close encounters with long-haired, peace-loving “Space-Brothers” in the remote desert lands of California, USA – is one of the most controversial within the field of Ufology. And some might say: “Rightly so.” It’s worth noting, however, that Contactee-style encounters were…