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Gorilla Archive


    “An Extraordinary Occurrence” of the Beastly Kind

    As those that follow the subject of Cryptozoology will know, over the years numerous reports have surfaced of certain so-called cryptids being nothing stranger than “circus escapees.” You can find an article from me on this very subject, right here at Mysterious Universe. The article demonstrates that,…


    Peter Gabriel and his Shocking Skyping Monkeys

    In an announcement that shocked the monkey world, singer Peter Gabriel is working with the Monkey World Ape Rescue Centre in Dorsett, England, in an attempt to teach chimpanzees how to use videoconferencing software like Skype to communicate with each other. (OK, before you go all [email protected]


    The Grinning “Gorilla” of Canada

    Way back in 1933, a writer named Elliott Merrick told of a Bigfoot-style monster roaming around Happy Valley-Goose Bay, Labrador, Canada, around two decades earlier. The location was land near the Traverspine River. Merrick’s story began in appropriately chilling and monstrous style: “Ghost stories are very real…


    Cryptids: The “Circus Escapee” Myth

    One of the many and varied explanations put forward to try and explain away the presence  in our midst of strange beasts and creatures – “Cryptids,” as they’re known within the fields of Cryptozoology and monster-hunting – is that they’re nothing stranger than zoo-escapees. Some might say…