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Linda Godfrey Archive


    12.09 – MU Podcast

    Author and investigator Linda Godfrey returns to the show to reveal the history of monster lore, legends, and sightings in America. Her new book American Monsters is full of history, but also includes many modern day reports that demonstrate strange creature encounters still take place regularly throughout the United…


    The Problem with Werewolves

    Just the other night, I did a radio show which briefly touched upon my research and writing in the field of werewolves. One of the things I noted to the host is that despite the fact that most people think werewolves are born out of nothing more…


    Terror Reigns in Texas

    One of the many things that I was pleased to find when I moved to Texas to live twelve years ago, is that the Lone Star State has a rich history of accounts of werewolf-type beasts and mysteriously over-sized wolves on the loose. For example, in 1845, at…


    Paranormal Fact vs. Fiction

    We all have our favorite books that we can (and do!) read over and over again. I can certainly name several: Jack Kerouac’s Big Sur; Hunter S. Thompson’s The Rum Diary; Sir Arthur Conan Doyle’s The Hound of the Baskervilles; and Keith Waterhouse’s Billy Liar. And then there’s The…


    The Game of the Name

    In her newly published title, Real Wolfmen, Linda Godfrey notes: “Author Jim Brandon wrote in his 1983 book The Rebirth of Pan that there exists a curious worldwide repetition of location names associated with odd happenings. He calls it a ‘network of name and number’ and wonders whether certain…


    In Search of Real Wolfmen

    If I was to ask you what two words are most relevant to the phenomenon of werewolves and lycanthropes you might well say “Full” and “Moon.” Or, “Silver” and “Bullet.” Well, you’re definitely on the right track, but I say those two words are “Linda” and “Godfrey”!…


    Beastly Madness

    For those who believe in the existence of literal werewolves, the image of the hairy shape-shifting beast that is part-human and part-wolf, and that embarks on a marauding killing spree at the sight of a full moon, is no joke. But if such creatures really exist, are…


    Episode 722 – Mysterious Universe

    Linda S. Godfrey joins on this week’s show with over two decades of research into sightings of bizarre, canine like humanoids, as we discuss her research and upcoming book ‘Real Wolfmen: True Encounters in Modern America’. The strange entity encounters continue in our Plus+ extension along with strange…