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Lycanthropy Archive

    "The Beast Within." Photo: © 2010 Pablo Pedra. Licensed under Creative Commons Attribution License.

    The Descent of Wolf

    Last week, Wired magazine took a look back at scientific theories about the origins of werewolves, and one in particular stands out. Pioneering American ethnolinguist Caroline Taylor Stewart’s theory, outlined in her 1909 essay “The Origin of Werewolf Superstition,” tells a story of werewolf origins that—while both unprovable and…

    Horror heads to Hexham

    Horror Heads to Hexham!

    Imagine the scene: it’s 1972 and two young boys, playing in their back-garden in the old northern England town of Hexham, unearth a pair of creepy-looking stone heads. Believed by some to have ancient Celtic origins, the heads seemingly provoke a wide and unsettling range of paranormal phenomena, including the…


    Beastly Madness

    For those who believe in the existence of literal werewolves, the image of the hairy shape-shifting beast that is part-human and part-wolf, and that embarks on a marauding killing spree at the sight of a full moon, is no joke. But if such creatures really exist, are…