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Monsters Archive

    Sunrise over Atlantic Ocean in Florida.

    Exploring American Monsters: Florida

    Zombies, cannibals, and freaks. Florida is known for terrifying creatures that stalk the streets and swamps of this Southern state, and that’s just the locals, such as Jonathon “The Impaler” Sharkey of Tampa. Sharkey has run for the highest political office in the United States three times…


    12.09 – MU Podcast

    Author and investigator Linda Godfrey returns to the show to reveal the history of monster lore, legends, and sightings in America. Her new book American Monsters is full of history, but also includes many modern day reports that demonstrate strange creature encounters still take place regularly throughout the United…


    Imaginary Creations that will Blow You Away

    Here at Mysterious Universe we are always browsing Reddit for weird and wonderful things that you guys might like and as we all know, has a subreddit for nearly every topic and taste. I stumbled across two fantastic little subreddits called Imaginary Monsters and Imaginary Technology. Both of…