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Robin Cole Archive


    You’ve Been Saucer-Spied!

    There are a number of intriguing disclosures contained in one of the batches of declassified British Government files on UFOs that surfaced in 2012. Among them are the notable (and lengthy) references to, and papers on, certain people within the UK-based UFO research field who had been secretly watched by officialdom. In…


    UFOs: Silencing The Insiders

    There is probably not a single person within Ufology who isn’t familiar with the controversy of the Men in Black; those dark-suited characters who do their very best to silence members of the public to UFO activity. That at least some MIB appear to come from within government (although…


    UFOs and the Inner Sanctum

    For years, UFO researchers have focused a wealth of attention upon the classified, UFO-related work of the ultra-secret U.S. National Security Agency (NSA), which has its base of operations at Fort Meade, Maryland. Less well know, however, is the sheer extent to which Britain’s own equivalent of the…