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Retro Futurism III by Sakke Sonni via
  • Danielle Meierhenry

    On the subject of immortality, a recent blog post that I ran across last month brings up some interesting aspects to ponder. While the context, that of achieving functional immortality through magical practice, is a wee off of what you cover, some of what he brings up is pretty darn interesting to think about:

    I have to say that personally I believe that halting the birth-death-rebirth cycle will remove oneself from the natural spiritual development paradigm. Obviously, those who are atheist or agnostic, or those who don't believe in life after death or reincarnation, won't have that particular concern. I do however. While I do not consider myself a Christian in any mainstream sense of the word (my spirituality is a bit too universalist and eclectic for that), I do see some startling connections between the idea of The Mark of the Beast from Revelations, and that of all the biotech-integration trends. Especially in light of the Kerner material! At what point do we just take ourselves so far out of nature that we can no longer access our divine birthright?

    On another angle, my husband often likes to play Devil's Advocate, and he comes up with some equally interesting points – one of which I had to concede. We were discussing the Greys, and machines, and being unable to get back to Source and trying to steal/manipulate your way there, so to speak. Considering my own core philosophy, which contains a good deal of Divine Immanence and Divine Emanationist material, I don't know why I didn't think of this point sooner. If there is a God/Source/Creator of which everything is a part – how can anything, ever, be so far divorced from it that it is impossible to get back? That's a good point. While I believe in an impersonal yet benevolent Divine Creative Force, not some giant man in the sky that cares about and harshly judges every iota of our lives, could artificial beings such as the Greys *really* be outside of that Universal spiritual destiny? They may feel that they are, and it may be even more difficult for them to make that internalized connection to Source than more biologically-oriented species – but they too are part of Creation, and therefore part of the Creator.

    I know the debate as to whether cloned entities or self-aware AIs could have a soul is bandied about. And it is certainly something to consider from not only a spiritual stand point, but also an ethical one. It's not hard to envision a future where sophisticated sentient AI beings are treated as slaves, and subjected to horrible abuse based on some notions that somehow they are not “real”. That idea is somewhat terrifying to me.

    Just food for thought there.

    Thanks again for your amazing program! I ordered Nigel's book, Song of the Greys, directly from him – with shipping to Canada is came out to about $17us. Not bad! I can't wait for it to get here.

  • Courtney Franklin

    Food for thought, about the plant ESP stories. Polygraphs are no longer used as evidence in courtrooms due to the ease of leading a witness in giving false statements(there's a good episode about this on Penn & Teller's BS. Where a man is brought to a polygraph examiner to see whether he cheated on his soon to be wife and the Examiner mislead the man's story and then told the misleading story to the man's partner.

    Also another thing which you guys touched on but missed. Was the control of leaving the room that other researchers failed replicate, Cleve Backster also failed to replicate eg; pouring water on the roots burning the plant's leaves and the bacteria experiments.