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Episode 406 – Mysterious Universe

As our Plus+ members will recall we interviewed David Eckhart a little while ago about his fascinating encounters and this week he returns to share more detail on his 10+ years of abductions.

Eckhart describes stunning scenes of invasive, physical surgery along with newly revealed accounts that will send a chill down your spine.

We also delve into the theory of inter-dimensional Bigfoot and hallucinations. While Plus+ members will discover what it feels like to be pursued by an evil entity.

Read on for show notes and music.

David Eckhart Encounters

Laser Cannon

Aliens Target House

Black Cats

Yeren (The Chinese Bigfoot)

Inter-dimensional Bigfoot

Kaka’ako Shadow People

Clowns Attack

Plus+ Content

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A Haunting in Canada

Pieces “falling” from UFO

New Alison Kruze Video

Black parents have blonde baby

Top Secret America


Death of a SpeakerKalotone
“Cone Wars” (mp3)
from “Death of a Speaker”

More On This Album

Cut Copy – Where I’m Going via LeTouch

“Meditation 1” (mp3)
from “Meditations”

More On This Album

Active – Dark Party – taken from the upcoming EP “Light Years”

*Special thanks to Eliot and Rob Van Valen for the crispy freshness!*

Royksopp – Royksopp Forever via Et Musique Pour Tous

Final Track – Regular Show

DJ Fresh – Gold Dust (Flux Pavillion Remix) via Audio Porn Central

Modeselektor feat Thom Yorke – The White Flash (Trentemoller Remix) via Fix Up

The Books – Chain Of Missing Links via [redthreat]

Final Track

Fever Ray – Seven (The Twelves Remix) via Indie Shuffle

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  • Flying_Squirrel

    About the grays comment, “He thinks we're aliens.”

    All I gotta say on the matter is look up a video, if you haven't seen it yet, where David Icke interviews Credo Mutwa. Senor Mutwa is a South African Shaman and what he says in that video will lead you further down the rabbit hole. I used to watch that interview every night before I went to bed……

    The previous inhabitants probably never left… @______@ *shudder*

  • abeam


  • abeam

    About the Ufo-Thingies falling off the Ufo:

    Search for Bob White on google.

  • abeam

    The Mutwa-Video i know. I even remember the crazy drawings on the wall behind him. David Icke for me is a very polarizing guy though.

  • HG

    I don't believe a word of his story.

  • Spookchild

    Maybe I am being too gullible here, I don't know, but my opinion stands firm after this second interview. I believe him. His story was richly detailed with the very minutia you'd notice if you were experiencing it, but wouldn't necessarily add if you were just making it up, such as the fact that the humans he encountered wore what seemed like second hand clothing, and the fact that the clothing was all cold-weather stuff. Since he lives in Florida, if he were just making this up, I think he would naturally gravitate towards what he sees everyday, and he would have populated his story with people dressed for a Florida climate.

    Also, the fact that his first reaction was anger upon seeing the ordinary tile and door was interesting and helps support the argument that this story is genuine. Who but someone who actually experienced seeing these ordinary materials in such an extraordinary setting would understand that anger would be a natural result? I can't imagine someone fabricating a story and understanding the subtlety of human nature well enough to include a detail such as this.

    I was also impressed with how richly detailed his recollections were, but not with the excess of unnecessary trimmings and garbage that a liar would use to dress up a tall tale. They were interesting, and included all the senses, not just visual recollections. It will be interesting to see how the TV episode plays out.

  • Guest

    I just don't see why you guys find Eckhart so credible. To me he seems far too casual about his stories. A person who had gone through the events he describes would be deeply traumatized, while he has the demeanor of someone describing a family picnic. I also find it a bit too convenient that the aliens speak to each other in English, even when he is pretending to be asleep. Lastly, as far as I know he still hasn't posted any regular photos of his bedroom and house. As Ben pointed out in a past episode, without some regular daylight shots of his place, its impossible to judge the scale of his blurry mirror photos.

  • Felicity

    David’s story is very frightening (MU 406) The whole concept of us being an experiment is terrifying. Can some one tell me is he abducted physically or is it more of a sleep state / sub conscience that is interacted with? Hope to hear more of his story. Great show guys. You have the best podcasts of them all.

  • azzwright

    Excellent Comment! I agree totally. I am really impressed by him.

  • azzwright

    I think he might come across too casual as a result of our editing. When we have spoken to him, he has actually told us things off air which he didn't want to go out. I guess this is a case of wait and see. Good comment though 🙂

  • azzwright

    Thanks for your comments. He is actually being physically taken. Pretty terrifying if you ask me.

  • Mlheinrichs

    I have not heard all there is to hear from David Eckhart, so don't know if this has been addressed. Have the physical abductions been verified? Wouldn't it be interesting if someone was checking on him during the night? Even a remote camera?

  • Guest999

    I'm only about half-way through this episode but I counted 5 veiled, but increasingly obvious, cultural references to lying beginning with “one kind of gray alien has a bigger nose than the rest.”

    Also, Eckhart has a very distinct – increasingly archaic – accent. With due respect to B&A, differences between his and another variety of US southern English might not be discernible to non-native speakers of “American English.” Unless I misunderstood things it seemed convenient that Eckhart's “son” could provide testimony but there was an excuse why he couldn't have his voice recorded. I'll have to listen again – and it may have just been the phone patch – but I sensed, on a few occasions, there was a rhotic R drop. I wouldn't have picked-up on that except Australian English is a non-rhotic dialect and the juxtaposition of B&A vs. David made it stand out in a few places for a moment, as though David's accent were affected. Unless David grew-up in Alabama, Georgia or Mississippi, there's no normal reason why someone from Florida would be dropping their R – even if momentarily.

    I'm assuming Eckhart is operating in the same vein as the fellows last year who released flares tied to balloons in New England, then waited a few months to report what they had done, allowing the UFO community to hyperventilate over them in the interim.

  • abeam

    Thanks for the show! After i listened to it i watched Credo Mutwa again.

    Can someone tell me what this whole thing is? I mean after you erased everything in your mind you saw about the grays in the movies listen to Credo Mutwa. Then after your jaws are back together listen to David Icke. Then listen to Eckhart. Maybe listen to Corso. Maybe to other guys, too. Ok, now tell me what the heck is going on. Tiny Greys. Human sized Greys. Reptilians. Then the comment: He thinks we're aliens.” and laughter. So is this all a big party? The tiny ones as servants, half computer half creature? Made by the Reptilians? Or the Grays? The human sized Greys as…? The human sized (hook nosed) Greys as…? The different Reptilians as…? Living underground, partying hard with the military? It's all getting too crazy for me. I'm not sure my mind can handle it anymore. After many years of interest i'm at a point where i can't think straight anymore. Really guys. I surely could read bout this topics till i die. Listen, watch, … The book list is huge. Damn it: The whole topic feels like the biggest uncertainty i ever knew. After roughly 20 years of interest i'm not sure if i can go any further. I don't have the “I want to believe” poster hanging. I'm not with the FBI. But i feel like the Mulder character after many years of research burning out in a flame of confusion. Sadly there is no Scully by my side pushing me on after she found new evidence… somewhere. I'm not sure i want to take it anymore. I'm not sure the whole thing is for real. I'm sure bout the fact that there are other intelligent beings in this universe. It has to be. But i'm refusing more and more listening to contactees and trying to make sense of it.

    Phew, what a mess!

  • Guest999

    There’s definitely a lot about David that seems to be unverified by anything other than his word, such as his NBC deal, that he lives in Pensacola, that his family exists, etc. He hasn’t unlisted himself from USSearch, according to which he’s 41 years old. If his daughter is 24 that means he would have fathered her when he was 16. Obviously that’s biologically possible but doesn’t seem to jive with the background he’s told of himself. Maybe it’s a different David Eckhart. Who knows? At a minimum level of verification someone needs to see a government-issued photo ID to establish what his real name is so a conclusive backgrounder can begin. All we know now is that David Eckhart is also the name of the title character in a mid-90s thriller.

  • Guest999

    There’s definitely a lot about David that seems to be unverified by anything other than his word, such as his NBC deal, that he lives in Pensacola, that his family exists, etc. He hasn’t unlisted himself from USSearch, according to which he’s 41 years old. If his daughter is 24 that means he would have fathered her when he was 16. Obviously that’s biologically possible but doesn’t seem to jive with the background he’s told of himself. Maybe it’s a different David Eckhart. Who knows? At a minimum level of verification someone needs to see a government-issued photo ID to establish what his real name is so a conclusive backgrounder can begin. All we know now is that David Eckhart is also the name of the title character in a mid-90s thriller.

  • I listened to the second interview a few times knowing that much of what David was saying would be difficult for most people to fathom, especially the chilling recollections that involved crude treatment and examinations of some humans during these abductions. David’s demeanor, while talking to Ben and Aaron, left me more impressed with the allegory of his long ordeal even though I had heard the accounts before. The candidness and positive assurance in David’s voice was steady and had a veracity that made it difficult not to entertain his narrative.

    Since I first started conversing with David and began to present his claims on 'Phantoms and Monsters', my ideology in regards to extraterrestrials and their relationship to humans has changed. My research of other alien abductions and encounter scenarios in recent years, in combination with David’s anecdotal and visual evidence, has helped give me a more complete understanding of the alien-human phenomenon. Though my theories have been derived from my personal inquiries and study, these speculations are hardly exclusive to me.

    There may very well be a connection between all those anomalies that we are at a loss to explain. Is it possible that all things paranormal may be a piece that fits into a multi-level alternative puzzle? If that is the case, then every living plant and animal on this Earth plane may possibly be as unexplainable to those beings and entities on the other side. Though I am not a religious man, I do consider myself spiritual…so this hypothesis does make me wonder if there is a grander scheme that involves our existing world.

    As I have mentioned several times in the past, I sense that David Eckhart’s story is a bridge that can be used to cross over to the truth. This saga has just started and there is much more to learn. I will say with a deep conviction and for the first time that, in my opinion, some future events may require intervention by these beings (or the 'people' as David refers to them). Be assured that those in our present time with the capabilities to alter these future events have been advised. The only advice I can offer to you is to keep alert, grab the rail and hold on tight…Lon

  • Fun

    great episode..thanks guys!

  • overkil6

    There are parts of the Eckhart interview which added to alien lore but as well as almost predictable.

    When he was describing the man who had an alien shoving 'her' arm up his back I totally pictured an overweight balding man before David describe his appearance.

    As well there seemed to be a lot of his experiences which come from pop/pulp culture. Hell, the pictures on Lon's site look like a tall Greedo from Star Wars. (I still say Han shot first…)

    Interesting but I take it with a grain of salt.

    And Aaron – what happened to the skeptic in you? When you first joined MU, you would have been poking holes in a story such as this! 🙂 Now you're all interdimensional Bigfoot's!

  • Red

    Listening to Davids descrive the various entities he had come across, as well as the things he was seeing in his surroundings made me think of the underground Dulce base. I mean, apparently the entities are familiar with English, there's humans interacting with, and helping them, and the instruments and “rooms” used by the entities are things we see in everyday life. Would you think that his story was connected somehow?

  • Totally agree with Red here… Re-read the Dulce papers. Little reptilian workers, specialized instruments. Taller Reptilians in charge… etc. Thought about it straight away.

  • Col. Mars

    this is such utter dreck. this guy is making money off of making things up and scaring people, showing blurry photos of his apartment that are proof of blurry photos of his apartment. and lon strickler has totally bought off on this guy's shtick. sure, he's got some kind of charm, but then again, so do a lot of sociopathic liars. critical thinkers, look elsewhere.

  • Nicholas Morphew

    I'm pretty sure Ben and Aaron will want to visit David as well as many other people in the US in person. If they meet him at his house and happen to witness ANY of this stuff (just like Davids' friend that was freaked out by it) that's verification enough for me. But to be honest, Aaron's probably going to pass on that one. I'd put my money on Ben to be the one to go through with it. hahah— come on Azz! If you can't even go into Mt Stromwell, you're not going to survive seeing big reptilians in person. To be frank, I think if Ben or Aaron get scary, first hand alien experience the show will not be the same. There will be a lost of objectivity and will be less about entertainment and more about trying to get a message out there.
    Nicholas Morphew

  • Candiruphobe

    I think Eckhart's going to be polarizing as well. While what he says is entertaining, it really doesn't have the smell of truth to me. Perhaps that will change as I listen to it more.

  • How is David making money off of his story? Sure, he may be allowing NBC to tell his story but it is because he was contacted by them…and that took a lot of 'back and forth' to convince him to do it. Look…I understand how people have trouble comprehending these encounters. I also know that the way we used to look at our world and everything around it will change….dramatically. This research of David and his encounters just doesn't involve 2 people…there is a impressive esoteric and theoretical group on board who have been astounded at what has been achieved. I cannot say who these individuals are but will say some have intelligence / RV / PsyOps backgrounds. I wouldn't make that statement unless it were fact. This is not a money-making scheme, though that excuse is the 'usual suspect' with 'critical thinkers'.

  • I don't know David's complete background but he does live in the western Florida panhandle which is close to Alabama and Mississippi.

  • MoTown Missile

    get em! its only because if they were in that place they would try making money off of it. I retired after 20 Plus years in military, doing what you call black ops. Its not quite what people think and allot of urban legends etc. I have seen some strange things and know that anything is possible. Allot of the stories covered on here about the military I knew from long ago. The thing is the truth never changes. David has said its not for everyone.

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  • Let's be rational for a minute.
    If anything is actually happening at all, and if it happens to be true, which I doubt, then he's obviously being abducted by humans, not aliens. All the details sound like a human endeavor. Why do people assume anything unusual is the result of “aliens”?

  • Bonton

    Sounds like your not black ops at all then, more like grey

  • Apostrophe Police

    Dammit, you + are = you’re


  • abeam

    Impossible to tell, i think.

  • Ramondo

    I just found this and would like to say that if what Lon said is correct we could find out the truth, I know that these people who are able to remote view are not only trained to contact a target but they are also able to get into someone’s head.

  • Iantolmay24

    Who designed the Episode 406 Banner here? Thanks.

  • With each image on the site you can hover over it with your mouse cursor and it will show the source.