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Episode 407 – Mysterious Universe

Aaron steps up for his first solo effort and gives a rundown on the highlights of last weekend’s Nexus Conference.

Ancient artifacts, new physics theories, a “Post Disclosure World” and more are discussed along with some audio treats from the conference floor.

We also have a new insectoid encounter and the start of a new two-parter from Jason Offutt.

Show notes and music after the jump.

Nexus Magazine

UFO Traffic Report

The Terror of Tondo

The Evil Genie

Pyramid Power

The Elanra Medical Ioniser

Nassim Haramein Workshops

The Resonance Project

Klaus Dona Photos

Plus+ Content

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Project Stargate Document Release

Humanoid / Cryptid Reports 21

Terror in the Shopping Mall

The Food Printer


Satore – Followed By Time (Pablo Bolivar Remix) via Keytars & Violins

Tiger Flower Circle SunChristopher Willits
“Sun Body” (mp3)
from “Tiger Flower Circle Sun”
(Ghostly International/SMM)

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“Hard Times” (mp3)
from “Colours”
(Nuform Music)

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789 EPDJ Gray
“Finta” (mp3)
from “789 EP”

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Final Track – Regular Show

R/D – Face Of God (Feat. Nadine Risha) via Boom Boom Chick

Paper Tiger – The Bully Plank via Hot Biscuits

Final Track

Teddybears STHLM – Yours To Keep (feat. Paola) via Val’s Daily

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  • izblah

    Awesome job Aaron. I must admit, at first – I was a bit “skeptical” 😉 of a show without Ben. And the first few minutes left me feeling strange without the normal, and excellent, camaraderie between you two. But you quickly proved me wrong and did an excellent job! Well done…

  • Sergio D.

    My girlfriend and I have been impatiently waiting for this episode. We've been logging on every hour to see if “407” was up, but at last! It's here!! Excited to see how Aaron does all alone, maybe we could do the show without that dead-beat (Ben Grundlemeister) from now on! He's probably home picking “wild fever-few” in Chuparosa as I type this.. lol, Kidding, we love you guys.

  • Teresa Hodgson

    I live in Madison,Tennessee a suburb of Nashville in the U.S. My husband and I have listened to your podcasts for a very long time and have enjoyed the intelligent interaction you two guys have, we love the personal comments, and the wonderful personality you send over the air. Our home flooded to the roof in May and we lost everything including our computer and with no flood insurance it will not be replaced for a very long time. I thought I'd never be able to listen to you again, but I have lucked out, I can listen to you at work and still very effectively do my job. Every afternoon over dinner my husband and I discuss what the podcast was about for the day. Your show has gotten me thru some very hard times, days when I have just wanted to give up on life and everything in it. I am today listening with much enjoyment and your voices keep me from crying most days. I love you both, I love your podcast and maybe someday I will have the money to purchase another computer but restoring my house must come first. Many of my friends and co-workers listen also and love you as I do. We have nothing in the states that compares to your podcast especially in Tennessee. Thank you so much , I look foward to work so that I can listen to you. Keep up the wonderful work.
    Teresa Hodgson

    Madison, Tennessee 37115
    e-mail [email protected]

  • Love it!

  • asteam

    : )

  • Candiruphobe

    Excellent job on your own Aaron.

    Re. Ben, I'm not so sure it's your fault. It sounds like what is euphemistically called “Con Crud” or “Con Flu”. Even if you cart around a jug of Purell to those conferences, you're likely to catch something. Simply because people go to those things, even if they're feeling sickly.

    Re. the scam guy and the zapper. It really sounds like Hulda Clark's zapper. Good for parasites/viruses/cure to cancer/etc. Of course, if it was really that good, maybe she wouldn't have died last year from cancer…

  • Sergio D.

    I actually listened to this twice, great info in here and psyched to finally see photos of all the things Klaus Dona was talking about. Aaron, you did a FINE job! But I'll have to agree with izblah, it felt just a tad empty at first without the two of you discussing your different viewpoints, but that went away after pretty fast when I was drooling over the show notes (after the jump of course 😛 ). I meant to comment on Ben's solo day that he had last week, it reminded me of the old days of Mysterious Universe when it was just you, me, S.L.I., the Dibbuk Box, and Old Hags–lol. Can't wait for the +Plus episode!! See you then!

    Oh, and one more thing.. I think once a month you guys should plug your favorite video game of the month, because I think we have the same taste in gaming, hehe, just a thought..

  • Great show! I love listening to your podcast right before I go to bed. Your voice is really calming almost like a lullaby song. Keep up the good work.

  • Zooba007

    I just wanted to say you guys are doing a great job with MU v2…a really great job. I was a bit skeptical after MU-1 but I'm seriously considering subscribing to Plus again. You have been so consistent with all of the releases and the material is great. I'm really proud of you both and I'm so happy to see MU soaring even higher than ever.

  • Spookchild

    Superlative effort Aaron. Great episode, chock full of all kind of MU goodness. You did great as your first solo, but hope that Ben is feeling better soon.

  • azzwright

    Thank you! 🙂

  • ELP

    Actually the Zapper really does work. It “zapps” the bacteria on the skin with a very mild electric shock. You can’t feel the electricity but it honestly works to make you feel better. But to each his own. It seems to work for me anyway.
    I hope you both get back to good health soon and stay that way!
    Love the show. Keep doing such a great job!

  • Boyninjakick

    I was intrigued by the “crystalline DNA” idea mentioned at the conference.  I had no idea what was meant by the concept, but it did indeed sound unbelievable and unsubstantiated.  Most of the little info I found was pushing products without any sound research or evidence.  However, I did find this very interesting article on an African mosquito’s transformation of its DNA into a crystalline structure to adapt to harsh environmental changes.