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Episode 311 – Mysterious Universe Plus+

Mayan artifacts and Russia’s new “Yeti” University institute get us warmed up before we launch into Michio Kaku’s predictions for 2100.

We also look at a complex encounter episode that walks the lines between the dream world and physical reality, and finally we cover a past life regression from 16th century China.

Read on for show notes and music.

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Mayan statue sold at Paris auction for $4m is ‘fake’

Russia sets up university institute to study the yeti after spate of sightings

It’s time! NASA begins preparation for a mission to land astronauts on asteroids

Robot Swarms Could Help Search for Life in Martian Caves

The World in 2100

Approaching The Posthuman Self

Breaking Convention

MUFON 2011 Symposium


Kiasmos – 65 via The Devil Has The Best Tuna

Joris Voorn – Incident (Miyagi) via 1UPMANSHIP

Koreless – Maria via Phuturelabs

Cottonmouth – Grampa’s Revenge via Silence Nogood


  • matt

    Great show guys… nano machines and space robots swarming my brain! Enjoyed finishing the show with that nasty track, keep up the good work and lay down some more crazy dubstep for me ;o

  • This looks like my Flickr photography of the Forbidden City. I’m happy if you used it though could use a link to my blog if you dont mind 🙂

  • Hi Charles, that pic is from Francisco Diez. You can see the attribution when you hover over the image.