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Episode 511 – Mysterious Universe

With circles under our eyes following our disastrous in-studio “Ganzfeld  Experiment” we delve into the latest UFO boasting from Iran before exploring some of the lesser known Japanese Cryptids.

We also look at the earliest evidence of Magic Mushroom use, some extreme cases of synesthesia, and the moving story of a Russian Cosmonaut’s doomed voyage.

Show notes, music, and video after the jump.

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Iranian UFO

Sammy Hagar Alien Abduction


Mothman Tales

The Human-faced Dogs of Japan

Mermaid Sightings and a Submarine

Build your own drug goggles!

Ganzfeld – Hack your own Brain

Early Evidence of Magic Mushrooms

Cosmonaut Crashes in the Planet

Stan Gordon UFO-Bigfoot Link

Barefoot Shoes

Plus+ Content

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I feel others pain

The Ax Murder House Field Trip

Haunted Deserts


LittleDragon – Never Never (SBTRKT Remix) via the culture of me

The Cinematic Orchestra – Everyday via middleclasswhitenoise

Niva – Ghost In My Head (Visions Of Trees Remix) via RCRD LBL

Jimmy McGriff – Tight Times via Motel de Moka

Black Light Dinner Party – Older Together via The Bang Pop

Datahowler – Of Stars  From Suns (Live) via LOOSE L!PS

Cassara – The World is Yours (Nightriders Remix) via Filterglove


  • hey wheres the link for those fancy new shoes?

  • Gerald

    “You were trimming your balls with a pair of scissors.”

    Cola went shooting out the nose on that one.

  • Anonymous

    Wow. That song at the end was amazing and perfect.

  • Flying_Squirrel

    Yo Aaron,

  • Leaf

    Hey guys. About your question regarding whether psilocybin mushrooms are dangerous or cause damage to the brain? The answer is no. They may leaving you quaking with astonishment but they cause no physical damage whatsoever, and they’re of course not addictive. No brain damage, no insanity no murdering of kittens. It’s benign.
    This has been known for decades. Any claims to the contrary are propaganda or plain ignorance. So instead of wasting your time taping ping pong balls to your eyes, have some mushrooms and you’ll experience things that will make the topics on Mysterious Universe look like nursery school.

  • Nofailtrail

    What shoes were you two talking about briefly while Aaron was on a natural jogging high rant??? i must know ! ah’thank’u

  • Aaron just added the link now. The company is called Terra Plana.

  • Aaron just added the link now 😉 I bought a second pair I like them so much.

  • Gonkless

    Awesome show. Best in a while. I like your podcasts much better as a collection of stories rather than 2 interesting stories sandwiching raving new age wishwash interviews.

  • matt

    Hmmm twenty meter snake= very nearly ninety feet…. you might wanna check your math on that one guys its more like sixy five feet, but massive nonetheless

  • Nofailtrail

    Any reason, as to, why Terra Plana over Vivobarefoot? I just want to make an informed decision. THANK YOU ( ~_^)

  • Anonymous

    Lol, reminds me of a couple of cartoonish-sounding interviewees of not long enough past. It didn’t help that they didn’t make a lick of sense lol. Gibberish! Still, the alternative can get pretty monotonous…
    Aaron and Ben do produce an inhumanly(?) entertaining show, though. Thanks guys!

  • Clawhammerblues

    No “Damage” on a physical level but the seeker can cause regrettable damage to themselves. I do not reccomend the use of psychedelics to find out the meaning of life. I have found the meaning of my own, but this was only possibly by briding the space-time continum of my mind, which is completely possible on large amounts of these drugs. I have been battling what are commonly called “flashbacks” ever since. What these are for me are lasting effects, where the experience I had which was independant of a particular space/time instance. The “trip” itself spanned many instances in the past and the future, which has caused me problems all my life. I still have a rip through my thoughts from this experience. 

    It is totally possible to discover the secret of the universe with drugs, but the truth is, that you, reader, already know what the secret is. You just don’t understand it if your’e looking. The meaning of life and the answer to life is death. anything good is equally bad. God is the collective unconcious of all the world. 

    Enlightenment is inherient in the human being. Those who seek it will find nirvana, but will leave their earthly life behind.

    This is why I believe psychedellics are dangerous, and I believe they should only be used for art or looking at pretty colours. I would never reccomend taking more than 3.5 g of dry mushroom.