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Episode 315 – Mysterious Universe Plus+

Despite Ben spending much of the episode trying to induce diabetes through Easter egg consumption, this episode turned out to be a real cracker.

We look into people who find themselves in possible alternate dimensions, discuss a bizarre poltergeist case, and learn about a diminutive shadow army.

All that and much more coming up on this Easter edition of Mysterious Universe Plus+

Show notes and music after the jump…

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Russian “Alien” Find

Russian Dead Alien a Fake

Dimension Slips

No Old Lady Here – Dimension Slip

The Dagg Poltergeist


Want to go for a ride in my spaceship? Let me get a picnic basket…

The Yokai

Macabre kids’ book art by Gojin Ishihara

A Shadow Army


Phlox – Aint Gonna Love You by GDX via Pejhy

Alif Tree – Enough via La detente generale

Dirty Elegance – Wirrok via La detente generale

Aphilas – lifelong fiction via Penice Music

Ian Pooley – Venasque via Penice Music

Funk Agenda – Budgie [BUY]


  • Spookchild

    Ben was hilariously obnoxious about his chocolate eggs, but I don’t know whether I laughed more at him or at Aaron’s exasperation at the egg-scarfing spectacle.

    By the way, my favorite kinds of stories are “parallel dimension” “time slip” type stories, so this episode was off the charts for me.

    “17% fat, 83% awesome”. I laughed like a hyena in a quiet room and embarrassed myself at that one.

  • Ace

    The Webtalkradio segment Hilarious, that story on the Neko-mata was good, my cat rather enjoyed it, I swear he had a grin on his face while listening to it O_O.

  • Didn’t want to email you about this because I have nothing firm to base it on, but I often feel that I am slipping between very close dimensions, so close that the differences are almost imperceptible, memories that others say are clearly wrong, articles of clothes, books, etc. either going missing, or having items I don’t remember obtaining. Never anything major. Or perhaps I’m mildly psychotic. Or perhaps much psychosis can be explained this way. Either way, I love these stories.

  • Mlo

    Love listening to you eating the chocolate eggs. Of course, chocolate is more important than anything not chocolate!

    Love the show and the dynamic between you two. I just wish you could produce more shows so I didn’t have to wait a whole week between shows.

  • Yvette

    I had to go to the vending machine and get a chocolate bar while listening to this episode!

  • Brutus Tobias

    Ok, I have been a subscriber to MU since, like, episode #2!!!! I have saved every one and am a huge fan. Interestingly I may find some of the stories creepy but I have NEVER been freaked out by anything till today. Hey, I am listening right now to your San Antonio story (right after the story about the bread alien from Russia). What is creeping me out is that not only is where I live, but the house in question (if they gave the correct location) is less than a MILE from my house. Add to that my family has been having some (non alien) paranormal experiences well, now I am freaked LOL. This is just creepy. Hey, in this area (not far from Randolph AFB) there are lots of helicopters. As ex Army, with lots of flight time, I know a bit about these and have continually over the last 10 years had experiences where Blackhawks (clearly marked) will conduct grid pattern searches in THIS AREA. Lights and everything. The news never has anything on it, I always notice it at night so maybe they are just doing maneuvers or maybe looking for something? Wow, this is so freaky.

  • Brutus Tobias

    The whole world changed and only you noticed it. This is the premise of Ursla K. Leguin’s great sci fi book The Lathe of Heaven…

  • Anonymous

    Loved the web talk radio segment of plus. It was hilarious. Don’t stop putting a personal segment into the show guys. It’s nice to listen to you guys just chewing the fat sometimes. Almost like Ben and Aaron doing a Joe and Lando!