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Episode 324 – Mysterious Universe Plus+

It’s the second last Plus+ episode of Season 3 and we’ve made it a good one!

We start off by taking a look at the failed Bigfoot “proof” press conference, discover a Reptilian romantic encounter and learn about death meditation.

Show notes and music after the jump.

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Bigfoot Failed Conference

Striking Imp

Guardian Angels

Living Dead

Woman Dies at Own Funeral

Penis Noise?


Rimar – Flower Dress via Potholesinmyblog

Flume – Paper-thin via Stoneyroads

Janes Scenic Drive – In the Country of Her Eyes via Disquiet

Fine Cut Bodies – Beaver Blink (Ooah Remix) via Mizjiksradio

  • Penthouse Forum

    Dear Mysterious-Universe Forum,

    I always thought the wild and sexy stories I heard on your show were just made up, until last night and my run in with a couple of seductive Grays and a probing I’ll never forget.

    …love the reptillian porn guys! Keep it up!