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Episode 524 – Mysterious Universe

A familiar antique piece and its powerful resident join us along with the current keeper and first buyer. That’s right, we close out Season 5 of Mysterious Universe with none other than the dreaded Dibbuk Box.

Jason Haxton gives us a special preview of his upcoming book on the Box and the first purchaser, Kevin Mannis, presents a unique and personal insight into the terrifying capabilities of the Dibbuk that inhabits it.

Show notes, music, video, and crystal skulls after the jump.

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The Dibbuk Box

The Dibbuk Box Upcoming Book by Jason Haxton

Chinese City Mirage


Crystal Skull Found at Flea Market

Original London UFO Video


London UFO Follow Up Videos

New Species Discovery – Going into Aaron’s fish tank

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The Alien Killed with a Coal Shovel

Ghosts, Flies and Scratches

DNA and Bigfoot

Update on the Erickson Project

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Dela – Smiling From Up Above (An Eternal Soul OST) via earmilk

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FISHING – Watersport via guerolitomusic

George Fitzgerald – Silhouette via Audio Drums

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  • Red Pill Junkie

    Holy Jebus! I almost crap myself when I reached the 58 minute of the show!!


    You might want to analyze that ‘noise’ segment, you know?

  • Spookchild

    Whoa! :-O I thought you guys were playing some kind of cruel but hilarious trick. I actually felt my heart jump a little with adrenaline when it started. It’s the Box talking from its acacia and gold-lined grave. Thank God I was listening during the daylight.

  • Mike

    Glad it wasn’t just me who heard that.  I yanked my headphones out.

  • Ghosts4hire

    So when I was trying to load this episode onto my ipod it ejected and locked up my itunes three times in a row, it also acted as though it never existed and I had to download it again each time. I have never had this happen before and have owned many generations of ipods. I had easily transferred about three other podcasts just shortly before this one. I will say sometimes when i plug in my ipod it will lock up itunes but never has locked it up when tranferring data. Later that day while i was at work my neighbor ran into my roommates car and ripped her front bumper off. I don’t really consider this bad luck though because I don’t like my roommate, but I do like me neighbor. That could maybe explain why her car was more damaged though. It seems like after listening to the last show about the box I seemed to have some bad luck like my tire blowing out and some other computer problems but I wont go into that because it just seems like more coincidence than anything since they were spread out a couple of weeks after. I did however tell a lot of people about the dibbuk box in those couple of weeks. Anyway it could all just be happenstance so just food for thought.

  • Ricckles   Hey you guys are trending on X too… Good show so far! 

  • Jeff N.

    If those sounds at 58:17, including the scream, during the phone call drop wasn’t inserted by MU than that is the second freakiest E.V.P. I’ve ever heard. Also there was a sound in the show at 101:51 that sounds like a vocal hiss. Not sure if that too was added or explainable but it creeped me out.

  • Dereckc1

    I assume that Ben thought it would be funny to put that noise section into the podcast where the phones went out. At least, that’s what I thought when I heard all the static and moaning.
    On a separate note, no bad luck this time, unless allergies count.

  • 8×10 Monk

    Holy CRAP, guys!!! That WAS a freaky interlude. So was that you guys playing that weird screaming voice type thing fading out at the end of that? 

    Good show otherwise. In the past I’ve stepped into rooms with certain people that carried heavy bad vibes before and without them saying anything knew there was a bad presents in the room. After they left it would lift but hover in the room. I do believe these types of energies can carry on with an object if it was possessed and coveted by a person with strong energies at sometime in history. People leave energy signatures when they’ve been sitting somewhere then leave. There’s a lot we don’t know about … yet.

  • Niall

    I’ve never posted here before. I would just like to report that I did indeed have some terrifying nightmares last night after listening to this show. Not the same one that Aaron described, but still, they were pretty bad – they concerned the death of a friend and being accused of a terrible crime that I didn’t commit. I woke up around 3:45am in a total panic. I usually love dreaming and have intense nightmares only very rarely. I certainly wasn’t afraid or worried or anxious about having nightmares when I went to bed, and anything I’d heard on the show I took with a pinch of salt. Still, that’s what happened. So strange.

  • Anonymous

    That was some creepy $#!+!!! I sat frozen in my chair at work listening to whatever that was when “the phones went out”. Don’t know what kind of shenanigans you guys were up to with that, but it freaked me out pretty good. Great show.

  • Aarana

    This was a great show and let me tell you, I got freaked out when the audio started to go weird!

  • Rayjacksonart

    Ok so i listened, I told myself not to and I did. I even have been asking for protection after cause u guys had me a bit freaked out. Well…. I am on a trip to the beach ( to Myrtle beach, coming from Atlanta. About a 6 hr drive). We are 130 miles away and we stop to get a bite to eat. We go back out, pile into the car… It doesn’t start….we try again… Nothing. We get out and realize there is a huge puddle of gas underneath. The owner said she hasn’t had problems with this car before. We are sitting here in the parking lot trying to figure out what the hell to do! We called to get towed and Tripple a said they can’t tow until the FIRE DEPARTMENT comes with their huge truck and someone in a has- mat suit ( sp?) checks it out. I’m with a group of dancers and these big burly firemen show up. It’s like the beginning of a bad porno. Oh yes, we have an extra car but low and behold it’s a smart car! That’s the status now…. I have pictures for proof, not sure how to post or if I email them. Not saying it’s because of the thing that shall not be named…. But you have to wonder….. I love u guys, wish u had a show everyday! My boyfriend and a now say ” awfurrll” instead of awful. And we are both designers and completely agree the paranormal world, especially book covers need major help and are awfurl.

  • Scatter69

    OK…524 freaked me out..the part where the phones went out was a good one guys..I sat up straight in my car, eyes wide and couldn’t believe what I was hearing..Thanks for the, here’s the part that really freaked me out..I was like you said, I knew this thing has to be bad for me but I wanted to see the box and open it..I mean the desire just from hearing the podcast was overwhelming..So, I stop to make a delivery and when I get back out to my car the radio lights up but the display is flashing ERROR because it couldn’t connect to the iPod..I immediately thought “oh crap” here comes the bad I can’t wait to go to bed tonight and get my butt kicked..

    Logged onto the dibbuk box web site and just finished reading the story to my girlfriend who now has goose bumps and had to get up and leave the room because she is so scared..

    In any case, love the show, keep it coming..

  • sae

    I love MU so much. Huge fan, but the “mirage” story has to be cleared up as the nonsense it is.

    There’s nothing spectacular about this. It’s footage of flooding, and it’s been completely misreported as a mirage. No illusion, no nothing. It’s flat out misreporting.

    Would water flow around mirage trees? This is just terrible reporting by several news agencies who should be embarrassed. This video is of the west view from the Guang Yu bridge, everything in its right place.To try to be fair, *maybe* there was something about a “mirage” in the original language concering how the buildings and island appeared to be floating on top of the fog, and that was mistranslated then everyone ran with it, but this is just ridiculous.

    Here are the towers “that aren’t there”:,118.306571&spn=0.010474,0.015836&t=h&layer=c&cbll=29.7052,118.306571&cbp=12,0,,0,0&photoid=po-34791967&z=16

    Here’s the “mirage” island:,118.313624&spn=0.005237,0.007918&t=h&layer=c&cbll=29.707848,118.313624&cbp=12,0,,0,0&photoid=po-9395675&z=17

    HOWEVER, great show as always, guys! I just don’t want you to be snookered into something b/c of horrific “journalism.”

  • Yep. Totally agree. I remember saying something along the lines of “this sounds like bad journalism” on the show.

  • Spaceisland1

    Jesus, I almost died when I fell a sleep last night with my headphones on and that spooky sounds came in the middle of the show. I was just half a sleep when it began.

    I absolutely love everything about your show.  

  • Anonymous

    hello guys, I just started listening to your show literally today and it’s nice to hear openness to different subject matter concerning the things that are strange and unknown. I will keep listening…

  • Anonymous

    Hey everyone…back into listening to MU and how interesting that I was introduced to MU by a friend about the Dibbuk Box episode and after awhile I quit listening and came back to MU with an updated show on the Dibbuk Box…very weird…also last time I listened to the Dibbuk Box episode about a day or 2 later I had to get a root canal due to extreme pain in my who knows if that had a role.  Also just for anyone who has an Android phone…I just found an app that allows you to listen to Mysterious Universe … download the app PodKast … thanks again MU for the great conent, keep it up!

  • Witfit

    Sorry I am a little delayed in reporting this. I was cleaning my bathroom while I listening to the D-box episode.  When I finished cleaning, I hopped in the shower and washed my hair (still listening to the show all the while).  After a shower, I always wrap my hair in a towel and as I wrapped my hair in a towel this time, I noticed a sharp pain on my forehead.  I went directly to the mirror to see what was causing this pain and saw a red mark on my forehead.  On closer examination, I saw what looked to be a scratch mark surrounded by what I can only explain as a burn mark with a mild blister.  I have no recollection of what I might have done to cause this mark and I am confident it was not there earlier in the day.  It was not extremely painful but it was very sensitive to the touch and I was careful to avoid it over the next few days while it healed (fortunately, it did heal).  Even my husband asked me about the mark, as it was easily visible and the only explanation I had was the D-box story.  Afraid to repeat the story, I just explained at very high level that I heard a cursed story on MU and he would have to listen to it on his own.  He said he wanted to but seems to be more afraid than curious. 

    Love the show guys and love Plus.

  • Nick

    Hello from Monroe, Louisiana.  We love the show.  My wife and I had a motorcycle wreck on July 10th.  We hit a coyote at 11am in broad daylight after listening to episode 524.  Please understand coyotes are not seen in the daytime here.  The coyote was running full speed when it entered the highway and closed off our lane.  The whole accident occurred in under a second and due to woods on either side of the road, we could not avoid the impact.  We both suffered a fair amount of roadrash and are still recovering.  The coyote didn’t fair as well as we did.  I haven’t thought about the episode until tonight when listening to a few updates about it.  I looked at my wife and said, “That was the last episode we heard before the wreck”.  I checked the date and it was.  All I can say is “Interesting.”  Beware the dibbuk box!

  • Kenneth

    I was watching the trailer for ‘The Possession,’ the Dibbuk box movie, and my computer crashed. ::shocking music:: I was also watching the credits for Captain America and my computer always crashes when I overload the video processor. But this time, I believe my computer was trying to save me from… THE CURSE OF THE DIBBUK BOX… box… box…

    I’m sorry I couldn’t help mock all the Dibbuk box stories that accuse the it for any bad thing that happens after even the most insignificant contact. I don’t doubt or try to make excuses for the mysteries of this universe but I know that anyone who knows anything about this particular mystery will keep an eye out for future misfortune. Therefore, aliens.

  • Freaky! Heard the podcast late last night. Laughed it off but this morning my faucet was busted!! That was weird…the last thing that I needed in my home! Avoiding any episode forever on this thing…..

  • khella

    I’m much more curious about the first owners story about the box. That there was a dibbuk and a keslim in the box. If what I read is reliable, then that would mean a demon and a priest locked together in the box. Which would maybe explain the scent of jasmine sometimes and cat urine at other times. Also does this mean that at some time a priest gave up his soul to be prisoner in this box with a demon to try and control it? These are the things that I’m interested in. Any history or research available?

  • JMO

    I really loved this episode, and the story is fantastic. I am extremely disappointed, however, in the host’s dream “revelation.” It was presented as an unknown parallel to the dream of everyone involved with the box, but it was the same dream as was described IN THE ORIGINAL EBAY POSTING. If the host had the same dream, that is interesting enough and it didn’t need to be presented so disingenuously to try to make it seem like a coincidence. There is no way the host didn’t know about the dream, since the entire ebay listing was read aloud in Episode 209. So I’m pretty disappointed in an otherwise stellar broadcast.

  • n0xc0mment

    Thanks a lot guys my girlfriend smashed her pinky with a door…
    Lots of love, guys! lots of love…