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  • halfmoonray

    What they were chanting in the background was Om Mani Padme Hum which is a Buddhist mantra that invokes the powerful benevolent attention and blessings of Chenrezig, the embodiment of compassion.  Arguably, one of the most often chanted mantras in the world, when it is chanted, all of humanity is benefited.  At first I couldn’t understand what they were saying either.  Nonetheless, the idea of a prayer battery is not new.  A battery is an electrochemical cell not unlike a liquid crystal, silicon crystal, solid crystal and the human body is also considered a crystal/battery—all used and capable of storing and transmitting information as in a memory device, computer chip, human body for storing information of the soul and the like.  Prayer beads (crystals/batteries) belonging to holy people are highly sought because of their informational programing/recording by the devotee praying over and over on the beads not unlike tulpa formation.  The information is stored and comes alive when accessed with right intention.  I believe that is what the group was trying to do on the recording you played—was to charge an object for energy information (prayer) retrieval at a later time.  Very fascinating if taken seriously.  Solid crystal is considered to be the new memory storage device of the future also considered to be the nature of the crystal skulls.

  • William Gutierrez

    Finally, someone gets it.

    I don’t wear the tan, brown and green of the Park Ranger
    Special Ops for the money or for the women. I wear it for something deeper,
    more primal and ancient. I wear it, for the love of ‘Squatch.

    Sure, when you’re first accepted into an elite program like
    the PR Spec Ops there are stars in your eyes and your ego swells. It’s all
    about wrestling picnic-basket-stealing bears and kicking ass, but then you’re
    told The Hairy Secret……

    Suddenly, your life changes and you begin to doubt the words
    of the politicians, professors, even your parents. Your whole world is shaken.
    After a period of shock and then mourning, it becomes clear; all there is……is ‘Squatch.

    Special Park Ranger Smith

    ad maiorem Sasquatch gloriam