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Episode 414 – Mysterious Universe Plus+

Join us for a very exciting exclusive weekend edition of Mysterious Universe Plus+. Aaron has ventured out with the portable recorder this week and had a great chat with Cyrus Parsa about Kinesiology and Exorcisms! 

We also take a look at a little known Poltergeist encounter and hear more tales of Dwarf and Fae abductions.

Music and links after the jump.

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The Poltergeist of Stans

Visitors to the Inner Earth

Memories of a Past Life

Sperm Donor Personality Profiles

Cyrus Parsa Kinesiology


Night Lines by Dave Grusin via Valeriecollective

Bangarangarang by Corduroi via Oddbloggings

Heat by Mile Caro Remain via Molarsmolars

Cold Heart (Shady Blaze) by Silky Johnson via Thenotes

Love Theme by Fred Falke via Wearebinary


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