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Episode 616 – Mysterious Universe

The latest Brazilian Alien-Yoga video kicks us off for the week as we investigate another element of the “Theatre of Deception” that is the UFO and ET phenomenon.

Along the way a blind man seeks to prosecute his abductors, a working girl transforms into a donkey, and we have the latest updates from the film makers behind “”Revelations of the Mayans 2012 and Beyond”.

Read on for show notes, video, and music.

Amazon Alien?


Missouri UFO Explanation

USAF Mechanic Sighting

Theatre of Deception

Blind Justice

The Elephant Man

Trees Blamed for Lack of Oxygen

Donkey Hooker

Mayan UFO Link Movie

Nick Redfern’s New Books

Reptilian Cave Encounter

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Cryptid Encounters

Fire Demon

Trolls in my Apartment

Psychic Vision

Sexy Alien Encounter

Old Woman Ghost Encounter

Hallucinogenic Reindeer Pee…


OL – Save and Protect via Dipped in Dollars

Dauwd – Ikopol via Albeano Music

Jack Dixon – Coconuts (Disclosure Remix) via Bizzies

Gaznevada – I.C. Love Affair (Munk Edit) via Frequenze Indipendenti

Botvik – Torn Apart via Filterglove

Damu – Breathless

OL feat. Lapti – Suspense via Dipped in Dollars

Albatross – Casper’s Theme via Their Bated Breath


  • Miguel Romero

    You know, guys? I’m gonna be a team player, and shoot an e-mail to this Héctor Eduardo Mejía Amaya, who does seem to be a professional archeologist from the San Carlos University in Guatemala. I’m going to ask him about this alleged evidence to be presented in this Mayan documentary, because I still things this smells fishy –although I have found an article in Milenio (a Mexican newspaper) saying Juan Carlos Rulfo (a Mexican filmmaker) is considering participating in the project.

    Re. the ‘reptilian’ with a trench coat & a top hat, I think I have found the solution —and I think you’ll all agree it’s brilliant: Philosoraptor turned into a tulpa! *vows down to receive ovation* 😉



    PS: the noticeable delight with which Ben kept repeating “live seed” over & over again was… disturbing 😛

  • Miguel Romero

    PPS: I found an email for this Mejía guy, but my message was ” rejected by the recipient domain” 🙁

  • Rewood84

    F the car get a bunker 😉

  • Glorfindel

    The ‘elephant man’ could be someone/something wearing a helmet with an oxygen pipe coming out of it (therefore trunk)…

    As for the Mayan Film – it’s a head in the jungle, and I wonder what Pro. Hawking really said to them…most probably nothing.

  • 8×10 Monk

    innerlaping time caves … hmmm, sounds like a date I had once … OK many times.

  • n0xc0mment

    Prohibition Era Mafia Reptilian….. 

  • Abilolada

    TL stands for Transport Lifter. That’s why the guy felt static electricity in the air.

  • Seriously?

    Looks a lot like there is a arm coming out of the back of that aliens head….

    And for the guy in Vancouver – I also live in Vancouver and the part about it raining was probably true BUT if any of the other stuff was true – WTH – what a narcissist smuk! It is headed to your Mother’s bedroom and all you can think of is you and what it wanted with you! Sheesh! What about your poor Mother eh?  
    Did it not even occur to you that it was YOUR Mother that it could have been after! ID10T

  • Renee

    The elephant guy was probably the famous Max Robo 🙂

  • Clawhammerblues

    I have noticed that a large number of people reporting “reptilian encounters” also mention being in the military beforehand. Have you noticed this correlation?

  • Rob Morphy

    Hey guys, great show as usual!

    Regarding the Humanoid Elephant sightings, while there is no direct
    connection to the Narrabeen phenomenon, there was another bipedal elephant case involving a
    farmer named Cecil McGann who, as a child in 1927, claimed to have spied
    a group of small, elephantine entities on his family farm in northern New
    South Wales.

    He later surmised — not unlike Glorfindel
    below — that they may have been wearing an extraterrestrial breathing
    apparatus that resembled a trunk.Here’s the article I wrote for AM earlier this year: up the good work!

  • Rob Morphy

    not sure why the above came out so choppy! Her’s the actual link: