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Episode 622 – Mysterious Universe

Alexander the Great’s army called them “Flying Shields”, while WWII Allied Pilots called them “Foo Fighters”. Today they carry the label of “UFO” and still continue to appear in times of human conflict all over the world. 

What is behind this strange aerial phenomenon and why does their activity increase in times of war? Author Mack Maloney joins us to discuss his brand new book and put together the pieces of this enduring puzzle.

Read on for book links, show notes, and music.

Mack Maloney

Mack’s website

UFOs in Wartime


Mercury “Cloaked Ship” Explained

Mammoths Coming to a Store Near You

Keep Out!

New Petitions

The Creature in the Black Ravine

The Shadow at the Table


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Mystery Dopplegangers

The Zambian Space Program


Smoke and your Nipples will Fall Off… 


Benga – Any Steppers via EARMILK

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Lusine – Tin Hat via The New LoFi

Gang Colours – On Compton Bay via Sounds Good to Me Too

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  • Trevor G.

    You guys mention “…Dulce…Area 51…deadly viruses…” in the Keep Out! segment…I think Nick’s missed the mark investigating these areas…who’s keeping tabs on the Netherlands?? 🙂

  • Shooter024

    UFOs in war time is very logical. To study military tactics and capabilities. It is also very important to study the sociology of the whole event and combat. Just as other countries focused attention and gathered intel during OIF.

  • Spaceisland1

    Foo fighters, always a treat. Thanks for all the red pills.

  • MoTown Missile

    I have many pilot friends who see the foo fighters still to this day. there is also a ball of fire thing thats going on. A correction to your comment about the Iraqi war being over a UFO. thats false and a discredit to the real reason. many have died for the real reason! there was a UFO shot down and the Iraqi’s tried to sell it for scrap metal, a contractor purchased parts of it. it was a US drone top secret. now them reverse engineering is a total joke. they can not reverse engineer a freaking VW bug. or anthrax correctly. facts are facts. I know its to sell books. Yes the Russians shot one down in Afghanistan in 1988 stored it in a cave then moved it just before the with draw. we have satellite photos of it. not sure what happened and the remote views knew it before satellite photo’s. ask one of them. great episode! about time someone does a UFO book from a different angle. I loved his statement about Roswell! if thats all the UFO community has is Roswell they are a sad bunch, this guy is good. the Germans also had a few UFO’s and the technology was taken to US after the war. 
     I still think all the hidden base books are crap. I have been there and they are not what people want to think they are. I am going to write a book on people who write books about stuff they do not know! 
    love the podcast! yes I am a plus member and you can talk crap about me. I will send my friends over Aarons house again.  happy hollidays mate! 

  • Anonymous

    Higher numbers of foo fighters during war is straightforward.  Higher numbers of foo fighters in the days leading up to war is more interesting.  It could indicate not only understanding of what’s happening politically, but the implications.  

    Which means they’re monitoring us more closely than imagined, and possibly on the secure channels as well.  Linguistically speaking.  Time travelers would have the knowledge and understanding, but would new aliens from another star?  Telepaths could maybe dig it out, but they’d have to be watching the leaders and others.

    Interesting paranoid thoughts.

  • Foo fighters in my opinion, represents the first modern UFOs, and may very well be the key to understanding the UFO phenomenon as a whole. I just published an article in my blog ( related to this, containing information I believe is essential in this context.