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Episode 703 – Mysterious Universe

An alliance is formed among Earth’s space agencies to protect us from imminent Near Earth Objects but who is keeping an eye on the earth bound cryptids? 

New sightings of 40ft long serpents concern us more than asteroid strikes, we look back on a classic 70’s Poltergeist account, and dust off old tales of flaming Ghost Ships.

Read on for show notes, music, and books.

NEOShield to assess Earth Defence

Huge Short-Snouted Snake-Like Creature – Ft. Myers, FL – 1/20/2012

A Monster of the Deep

A Gorilla?

Poltergeists and Murder, Part 1

Poltergeists and Murder, Part 2

An Endorsement of the Tina Resch Spontaneous Telekinesis Case

Ghost Ship of Block Island

The Ghost Ship of Palatine

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On the Diverse Benefits of being Struck by Lightning

High Strangeness: Forgotten Humanoid Encounters

A Dark Thing, Wish I Knew What It Was

An Elf Tale


Somepling X Mecca:83 – Swilkqa Night 

RAJA – Now 

Zeds Dead – Hit Me Amazon US 256kbps Mp3 iTunes 256kbps AAC

Fallhead – Cromosom001 // Feat. Andreas Kremer 

Sarah Williams White – Hide The Cracks (Strangers Remix) 

Taprik Sweezee – Eating At The Void (B-Ju Remix) iTunes 256kbps AAC

B-Ju – Mia Got A New Haircut Juno Download Mp3/WAV iTunes 256kbps AAC


  • On the assumption that we get warned about a massive object heading toward us with decades of anticipation, so we shouldn’t worry too much about it, I have this to respond: We *also* had decades of warning about global warming. Period.

    And if someone feels inclined to refute me, you’d only reinforce my argument 😉

    PS: I’m an interior designer out in Meatspace, and I just want to point out how FED UP I am with this stereotype that men who dedicate to this business are all gay. There’s a difference between Interior Design and ‘Decoration’ ok? one has to do with planning living spaces that are efficient and comfortable, the other with choosing colors from a carpet catalog.

    And now, if you’ll excuse me. My Ultimate Barry Manilow collection has just arrived from Amazon, and I can’t wait to hear it.

  • PPS: This business of contractors working on secret underground bases spilling the beans reminded me of this post by Nick.

  • Anonymous

    Drapes kill echoes, it would be very uncomfortable to be locked underground in a place full of echoes. 🙂

  • Here’s a thought: UFOs are actually dragons (actual dragons, not machines), and they camouflage themselves by making us think we’re seeing spaceships.

  • Menyboi

    hey guys i am 13 now and listining to your gorrilla story made me crap my pants because when i was little about 3 to 5 every night i whould have the same dream it whould be about a gorrilla with red and sometimes yellow eyes i would wake up screaming and crying i was paranoid my parents were thinking of taking me to therapy . love your show guys dont stop 

  • These ghoulish gorilla stories remind me so much of Poe’s The Murders in the Rue Morgue.

  • Carl Williams

    Just wanted to comment on a couple of things from this episode.  First up, the birds dying in Arkansas happened again this last New Years, in the same area.  Authorities have mentioned that it may be due to fireworks

    About the drapes and such in underground bases.  It is proven that people adapt quicker to conditions such as being underground if there are more amenities that they are used to above ground.  Take for instance, windows on a subway train, there isn’t anything to look at all that interesting outside of the train (or possibly inside it) but there are windows in the train cars to help people “feel” better about being in a metal tube hurtling through the Earth.

  • Anthony_j_nguyen

    Im pretty sure the snake like creature in florida is an oarfish. They can grow up 30 ft

  • Eric

    Love the show. What is the haunting song 15 min into this episode?