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Episode 511 – Mysterious Universe Plus+

Skinwalkers and native Australian hominid legends are served up on first this week’s Plus+ exclusive.

We also look into some Bigfoot “Import” difficulties (the shipping is expensive), and some bizarre beach bound giant entities.

Read on for show notes, music, and video links.

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Navajo Cops: “Eyes of the Howler”

Skinwalkers – What Are They?

Bigfoot in Oklahoma

Bigfoot Peeked In

Sasquatch in a Crate

Bigfoot or Alien

A 1954 Entity sighting (in Italy)

The Hand in the Dark

The Man on the Beach

Model with 38KKK boobs is saved by airbags Car crash escape joy

Map of Heaven


Lapalux – Yellow 90’s

DJ Krush & Toshinori Kondo – Fu-Yu

Softwar – Future Classic, This Time Around (Original Mix)

Lapalux – Yellow 90’s


  • popov89

    So the end of the world will be an awesome battle between Jesus and reptilians? I’m down for that. 

  • The ‘Howler’ video and sound recording are tantalizing, but frustratingly inconclusive.

    For a moment you kinda wish that instead of a howl, the Navajo cops would have heard a more fitting  Ootini!/a> 😉