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Episode 711 – Mysterious Universe

Mysterious rumblings and strange booming sounds in Wisconsin headline this week’s episode, along with James Cameron’s inspiring new submarine journey.

We then investigate the deep emotional trauma of Alien Abductions and the lengths abductees will go to in avoiding their antagonists, before heading into Conspiracy corner with secret CIA super weapons.

Read on for show notes, music, and books

Clintonville, Wis., Residents Endure Three Nights Of Unexplained ‘Booms,’ ‘Bangs’ And Noises

Strange Sounds in Wisconsin: Rattling Pipes, Clanging Metal, Thunder or Firecrackers…huh?

Booms Now Heard 80 miles away in Montello, Wisconsin

Booms subside, then return in Clintonville; melting ice to blame?

Rocket Plunge to Deep End of the Planet

Deep Ocean Mysteries and Wonders

When Doors and Windows Won’t Close

1966 Humanoid Reports

Non-human entity in the window

IAmA NASA Astronaut that recently returned to Earth after a 1/2 year in space

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Modern art was CIA ‘weapon’


CIA secret weapon of assassination – Heart Attack Gun, Declassified 1975

The Looming Shadow Man

Kuchisake Onna

The Red Mask Girl


VED – Sture External

Bondax – All Inside

Young Montana? – Cassetteplay :: Reprise

Salva – Obsession (Feat. B. Bravo)

Knowa KnowOne – Champagne And Kittens

Chet Faker – Jeans & Wallet


  • Joe

    Jacobs and Hopkins have done some of the most credible abduction research.  Hopkins provides more specific anecdotes that are incredibly bizarre.  His book “Witnessed” describes an incredible multiple witness account that is worth reading if you aren’t familiar with it.

  • Angela Simpson

    The booms were apparently earthquakes.

  • n0xc0mment

    For The Alien Abduction Part Why Not Strap A Paint Bomb To Your Chest And Have It Blow Up In Their Faces In Their Little Lab/Base. Maybe Then They Will Leave You Alone.

  • Kcu847

    Really David Jacobs the guy who’s a DR. in history not a trained psychologist, who uses hypnosis as a behavior modification tool to retrieve memories, a technique that’s no longer used in the American court system for known incidents like crimes because of the risk for confabulations, the guy who ask Emma Woods for her used underwear, that guy?

  • Women’s underwear can be highly valuable for research purposes.

  • rickylove

    I think the abductees should try strapping on a high tech video camera and have the aliens film themselves while they try to figure out what it is! Then theyll return it 2 days later & theres your proof! I hope they read this thread and do it

  • Ryanne

    The story in the extension about the
    Slit-Mouth Woman has always creeped me out. There is a Japanese movie
    called “Carved” that relays yet another version of this urban
    legend, if anyone is interested. It’s not an amazing, life changing
    film or anything, but it’s fun if you just want to watch an eerie,
    non-torture porn, horror movie 🙂

    P.S Who was that stalker, dork chick
    who professed her love to Aaron and Ben at the end of the free
    episode? Oh! That’s right, it was me 😉 XO

  • Monkey

    Message to Ben and Aaron keep well away from this woman when you travel to the Staes. Or there might be some type of reverse Tokoloshe action going on. You’ve been warned*.

  • Ryanne

    Whaaaaaa?! Clearly this person is
    possessed by ancient evil and therefore his words cannot be trusted.
    Aaron and Ben, if you ever come to California, look me up anytime
    😉 XO

  • Ryanne

    Please disregard my comment/reply to
    Monkey. Monkey, I seriously owe you an apology for calling you evil.
    I thought that your comment was from a friend of mine, who coincidentally also goes by
    the nickname Monkey, listens to MU, and is a little possessed by evil
    but in a cool, lovable way 🙂 Anywhoo, he always teases me about my
    crushes on Aaron and Ben and so I thought that a snarky comment back
    would be funny. Turns out you are not him and so I was totally jerky
    to a random person. Hopefully we can just put this behind us and kiss
    and make up 🙂