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Episode 513 – Mysterious Universe Plus+

New Nessie and Bigfoot sightings are revealed along with strange beverages and Werewolves on this week’s Plus+ exclusive. 

We also look at remote viewing of underwater alien bases, mad scientists, and China’s favorite Egg snacks!

Read on for show notes, music, and video links.

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Pilot makes emergency landing after finding snake in cockpit

Trouser Snake!

First Nessie Sighting of 2012?

Bigfoot Pair Encountered Near Crane Lake, Minnesota

The Dalek Relaxation Tape (by Peter Serafinowicz)

What Life With Google Glasses Would Actually Look Like

We all crave it, but can you stand the silence? The longest anyone can bear Earth’s quietest place is 45 minutes

Military-style Remote Viewing Unit Identifies Baltic Sea Uso As Ancient Outpost


Watch a real-life “Vatican approved” exorcist expel demons from his flock

Joe Davis: The mad scientist of MIT?


Followed By The Hat Man

Forced Evictions in China and a Bucket of Scorpions

Urine-Soaked Eggs: A Spring Delicacy in China

Virgin Boy Urine Soaked Eggs Chinese Delicacy


Lung, Joe Syntax & Eleven8 – Red Rhythm via Fried My Little Brain

Ambassadeurs – Duke Red via The 405

Alice Rusell – Get Ready in the Morning (Sojo Remix) via KEEPREAL

Martin Stimming – Diy056 Window Shopping via The New Montreal

I Am Balance – Lawn Gong (Cokewave EP) via Wonky Carton


  • Lauren Howley

    What.the.hell! Thanks so much for the urine soaked egg segment in episode 513! My karma must be out of whack because just as you started reporting on them I sat down to eat a late meal of, you guessed it, eggs! All I needed was a can of Clamato juice to make it perfect! Blech!
    Love the show, love being a plus member and love the extra gross-outs!
    Lauren, Tennessee USA

  • Cathleen

    I think Clamato might be more popular here in Canada, we use it in a cocktail called a ‘Ceasar’, which is clamato, vodka, tabasco sauce, Worcestershire sauce,and if you like spice, horse radish sauce in a glass rimmed with celery salt, garnished with celery, and lime. They’re amazing for hangovers!…obviously super important information for MU to have.

  • Dave

    Clamato juice…the taste of clams and tomato juice…WHY IN GODS NAME?!

  • joseph songer

    hey you guys do know they put urine in allot of  facial products. right?

  • electron sponge

     Just east (yes, I said east) of our shared national border, here in the great State of New York, that’s close to what we call a Bloody Mary. A Bloody Mary being the same ingredients without the disgusting clam broth. It is a Sunday brunch favorite amongst the set that has Sunday brunch. A most civilized way to start a drunken Sunday, in my opinion.

  • azzwright

    Is it synthetic Urea or do some actually use Urine?

  • Regarding Remote Viewing, the test that Aaron mentions exists. I believe Dr. Dean Radin and the Noetic Institute of Sciences has already done this test with significant results.

  • Lauren Howley

    I remember the clamato bloody Mary being big in cape cod and the rhode island area too.

  • Watching the snake trouser video right now.

    Good thing that bloke didn’t decide to wear his red ‘sexy beast’ shorts that day 😛

  •  Try it with Tequila one day. You’ll like it 🙂

  • Miles T

    your mention of the man wearing a hat reminds me of the mysterious character called “The Grey Man” in the old playstation 1 game LSD

  • Ryanne

    Being a bit of a health nut, I am always hearing how great hard boiled eggs are as a source of protein. The problem is that the smell of hard boiled eggs totally makes me gag. I finally decided to stop being such a baby and forced myself to eat one right before listening to this episode on my morning run. What made it worse was that it was a purple, vinegary smelling, dyed egg left over from Easter! I’ll take it as a sign and just stick with raw peanut butter from now on. LOL Love you guys, keep up the fantastic work 😡