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Episode 716 – Mysterious Universe

After more talk of Space Mining and Lochness sonar images we invite Scott Roberts to join us for an interview on The Nephilim.

Were the giant Nephilim mentioned in Genesis and other ancient Hebraic texts truly the hybrid offspring of the intercourse between human women and ancient extraterrestrials?

Read on for book links, music, and show notes.

Scott Roberts

Scott Alan Roberts

The Paradigm Symposium

Intrepid Magazine


Is this the Loch Ness Monster? Sonar picture shows ‘serpent-like creature’ at bottom of mysterious loch

New Loch Ness “Monster” Sonar Image: UPDATED/Questions raised

Billionaire Asteroid Miners To Boldly, Slowly Go Where No Man Has Gone Before

Is Asteroid Mining Possible? Study Says Yes, for $2.6 Billion

Trailer for the new documentary “Cryptotrip”

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Nanotechnology is ancient history

Trade Professional (RE: Ancient Monuments): “I can not build even one wall. Here’s a theory.”

Close encounter with a an unidentified craft and its occupants


Russian Alien Encounters

Get your Crystals Out!


Ancient Astronauts – Oblivion (Maker Remix Instrumental) via Mixtape Riot

Hermitude – Let You Go via Vacay Wave

WaMoo Papez – Detroit Piston via Dingus

Rasputina – Holocaust Of Giants via Muruch

Tim Ismag – Girlfriend (Subdue Remix) via Vacay Wave

Andrea – Work The Middle (Real Remix) via musigh


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  • temporary earth citizen

    been a plus member for a year- i love it- i can’t get enough- all caught up with plus and extensions of the free shows- thanks for all your hard work- i was wondering though- can aaron every once in a while- only get 3hrs of sleep than record- episode 714 is one of my favorites- aaron do you really want to kill people and rob banks in your dreams- and ben, what would you do as a woman in your dreams. love, charlie

  • Monkey

     “what would you do as a woman in your dreams” WTF. Hey Grundy I think you need to get some security. The crazies like you!

  • Conspire

    Lol for sure

  • azzwright

    Depends on how tired I am 🙂

  • azzwright

    See what you miss if you’re not on Plus+ 🙂

  • All that rage, Aaron… it’s the Nephilim inside waking up! 😛

  • 8×10 Monk

    Archeologists have an explanation for the myth surrounding the various versions of the flood around the world. At different points in earth’s history continents or parts there of, were under water before being pushed up to form land and mountains. Therefor fish fossils are found in hills and mountains around the world. To ancients, being curious, would try to fill in the blanks with their limited knowledge and God worshipping with fantastic tales. In the middle east they still sell fish fossils they take out of the hills to tourists. Mesopotamia is where they figure the flood story started for that area approx. 400 years before the Jews got wind of it and turned into their own story. A lot of the Biblical stories, as in other religious cultures have a thread of truth that gets woven and twisted into a fantastic story.

  • AvD

    Bold claims my friend, your comment is just as crazy as giants or the annunaki. You have no idea whether or not any of these things are true or not. No matter how “educated” you are. You’re just as clueless as the rest of us ;P

  • You talk about the ancients with such disdain, you obviously were so enraged with Roberts you were not able to pay attention to the rest of the podcast, when Ben & Aaron started discussion about ‘impossible’ nanotechnology examples in antiquity. Oh those ignorant ancients and their incredible good luck to develop those advanced techniques 😉

  • I found the Scott Roberts interview quite interesting, but I had one huge issue with it, having studied the Bible for most of my life: Roberts has the outdated and incorrect belief that the religion of the Israelites, Yahwehism, and the religion of the Jews, Judaism, are the same religion, when this is quite clearly not the case. If one looks into the Torah, they will see constant references to other gods, as if they were actually beings, not false gods (“You shall have no other gods before Me,” instead of “There are no other gods besides Me,”; I will crush the gods of Egypt, etc). The Israelites were monolatrists, not monotheist; they believe in the existence of many gods, but only worship one. Eventually, during the Diaspora, Yahwehism became Judaism, due to the lack of a temple, and with it, animal sacrifices or a priestly caste, and outside pressure to convert to other religions. In resistance to the outside pressures, proto-jewish scholars eventually concluded that there was no other god but Yahweh, so to worship other gods was ridiculous, allowing their religion to continue to exist. This monolatrism would explain how Elohim could be the “God above all gods”, and how other, similar, divine figures, like the Nephilim, could exist along side Yahweh, as that was, quite plainly, the Yahwehist belief.

  • Ross

    Loving that Holocaust of giants song! 

    “Double rows of very sharp teeth! Jaw measured 25 feeeeet!”

    I will now have that in my head all day… thanks.I have known of the giants, creatures, other gods and the sons of gods in the bible for some years now I used to talk to the Vicar in my village about it as a teenager.It was not his official stance but it was obviously something that both tested and reinvigorated his faith. He would reach for the “correct” answer and then go on to poke around at what other connotations could be attached to odd references and pluralisations. That is usually when I would get quite excited by the conversation and he would bring me back down to earth.  It is very strange how in every religion gods come from the sky/stars/heavens even though these people were isolated from each other we have this common theme.I have always thought that there must be something to that.

  •  “The Israelites were monolatrists, not monotheist; they believe in the existence of many gods, but only worship one”

    Indeed, the Israelis were fully aware that other tribes inhabiting Canaan worshiped the god Baal, so they made fun of Baal by changing its name to Beelzebub, the lord of flies. To me that’s interesting because it denotes a certain humming sound associated with this alleged deity, something that my dear friend Greg Taylor explored in his essay ‘Her Sweet Murmur’ regarding audible phenomena linked to Fortean cases.

    One other thing that I wanted to express about Scotty’s research is how all these modern revisions of Abrahamanic myths tend to paint the Grigori –using the term found in the Book of Enoch for the Watchers, the messengers of God that came down to Earth and mated with the daughters of Men– in a more positive light. Lucifer the Morning Star and the Bringer of Light is paired with Prometheus, the titan that robbed the fire from the gods and gave it to Man, or Quetzalcoatl, the creator god that taught ancient man the principles of civilization.

    Many would jump to the conclusion that the Annunaki, or whatever other term you want to give to the creators of Man –following the logic suggested by authors like Roberts that humanity is the direct result of a non-terrestrial intervedntion– were despotic beings that intended to keep Man enslaved, and that it was because of the sacrifice of Lucifer/Prometheus/Quetzalcoatl that men got rid of their yoke.

    However, other studies I’ve made in such matters suggest that the problem was in trying to recklessly haste the evolutionary process of the human race. Because we became in possession of ‘forbidden science’ –i.e. we ate from the tree of knowledge’– is that we got our asses kicked from Eden. Wasn’t that the same message given by the Space Brothers in the 50’s? that mankind was intelligent yet not wise, and all our knowledge was only endangering our very existence?

    And let’s not forget the Hopi myths that talk about how men became very advanced but also very wicked, using their flying Patuwvotas to make war; something akin to the construction of the Biblical tower of Babel.I don’t know, I guess my point –if I actually have one– with all of this is that there can be many interpretations and philosophical conclusions with regards to the ancient myths and mankind’s interaction with these advanced beings, myths which may or may not have a kernel of truth hidden inside a mountain of folklore.Although one thing is for certain, as a former Catholic it was a liberating realization to  read the Ancient Testament and come to the conclusion: Yahweh was a douchebag 😉

  • popov89

    I just took a class about the ancient Near East and found that interview quite fascinating because it touched on things I just learned. The story of Gilgamesh ends with a flood that is supposed to cleanse the world. Flood stories are everywhere.

    I wouldn’t mind showing my professor this book to see what he thinks about it.

  • chrisd

    To bring back down to Earth, not a problem as far as I see it. Take for example the Apollo command capsules. ~5800 kg. Send to space one rocket with 10 heat shields and 10 sets of parachutes, strap these babies on the pure precious metal bundle and fire away. 1960’s technology really… Can probably double that with today’s technology to 10000kg. 5000 kg of gold/platinum, we’re talking about 170k oz, or 270M$ per load, get ten coming down, 2.7Bs, get ten at 10000kg we’re talkimg 5.4B$… I’ve worked in mining for 20 years, totally agree with the effort. Just not sure about how they are going to mine them in zero G… Cheers

  •  Eff the effing giant song!

    As a Plus+ member, I DEMAND a music video of Aaron and Ben singing “I was made for mining you baby” dressed as glam-rock astronauts ^_^

  •  But you seem to forget that myths will always have a little kernel of truth. And that’s because the ancients didn’t make a division between the religious aspect of their culture, and history.

    Case in point: Troy 😉

  •  I was thinking that going for the precious metals was very hard, and that they should focus on something like helium first, a gas we’re running out of and it’s vital for a number of key industries.

    Would that make sense, or am I talking out of my ass here?

  • C7730b

    Part of the definition of “species” is the ability to reproduce, right? If so, there can be no cross species “hybrid” offspring. If some creature mates with a human female and produces viable children, the creature must –by definition– be human. So in all likelihood the alien creature is no from another planet or from heaven, but just from out of town!

  • Skeptical Mind

     John, your “dose of reality” leaves a lot to be desired. The only myth of note here is that ancient humans were primitive, ignorant savages. You’re taking tremendously complex issues, looking at them through a comically narcissistic lens of modern superiority and writing everything off as the meaningless scribblings of dirt-covered troglodytes. While that’s certainly easier than exploring the incredible depth of ancient beliefs and what inspired them, there is no ring of truth to it. It’s just mocking dismissal for the sake of feigned superiority.

    The fact that you keep bringing up “fairy tales”, the Easter Bunny and Santa Claus is fantastic, because every one of those things have rich, fascinating origins rooted deep in both history and the human psyche. They did not spontaneously pop into existence. Myths are not created in a vacuum, they mean things and reflect fundamental concepts and ideas.

    Folklore and legends are amazing things to study. You should really build yourself a bridge and get over this hyper-materialist mindset and learn to have fun exploring and speculating in these areas.

  • Kath

    I sometimes wonder if these stories could even date back as far as our encounters with neanderthals. The middle east would have been a common range, and they would have appeared as strange pale, blonde people with odd ways. Conflicts and “interminglings” both occurred and it is interesting to think what that may have left us with in ethnic memory.

  • Kath

    I don’t agree with everything you said because I think you are also making the mistake of speaking in absolute terms about things that cannot be proven.

    However I do strongly associate with your understanding of this one crucial point which I think that a lot of people miss, for a reason that is unfathomable to me:

    Ancient people had fiction.

    I think it’s part of our deeply arrogant modern veiw that humans who came before us cannot have been quite as good, as intelligent, as innovative, as creative, or as… silly, sometimes, as modern humans are today.

    Sometimes I look at the way people treat ancient mythology as documentary instead of literature, and fear for what future psuedo-historians will assume about our society based on our popular media, if they think it all has some basis in fact…..

  • Risrutan

    Loved the Rasputina song. Had to buy it on iTunes. You always have cool music clips. Thanks.

  • BrothaJeff

    I had the exact same thing happen to me with the man on the end of my bed. He had a fedora and he was really skinny and crouching. He was also grinning really big and when he noticed that I was looking at him he ran in fast motion out of my bedroom door. Ever since then I close my bedroom door when I go to bed. I have done a bit of research on this and I’ll e-mail MU soon. 🙂

  • N5tiflk

    Wow John you
    are so right about the bible its nothing but stories told to ignorant peoples to
    keep them in line with their (religious leaders) views.  I was raised as a southern Baptist and when I
    had ask some very tuff questions I was told that I must have been influence by Satan
    or the devil take your pick.  I see
    religion as a form of mind control, when you have these religions they won’t
    one thing POWER over you and any wealth that you may be able to generate for
    them.  Little by little I see more people
    opening their eyes and seeing what  religion
    really is.