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Episode 808 – Mysterious Universe

The image above is from the upcoming film The Possession which is based on a true story we are well versed on here at Mysterious Universe. If Aaron and Ben survive the recording you may hear some exciting updates on the film and the truth to the destruction of the set.

We also feature brand new Humanoid reports fromt the Rosales database, dimensional slips, and South American monsters.

Read on for show notes, music, books, and more.

Paradigm Symposium • October 18-21, 2012 • Minneapolis, Minnesota

Email us with your Meetup RSVP:

MU Minneapolis Meetup – October 21 (evening)

MU New York City Meetup – October 23 (evening)

Hunt for big cats, including cougars, panthers or pumas, in Victoria begins after decades of reported sightings

Episode 408 – Mysterious Universe – Mike Williams

Victorian Big Cats

Harvard cracks DNA storage, crams 700 terabytes of data into a single gram

Kickstarter: Let’s Build a Goddamn Tesla Museum

Let’s Build a Goddamn Tesla Museum

Complete MSL Curiosity Descent – Full Quality Enhanced 1080p + Heat Shield impact

The Possession Movie


Episode 209 – Mysterious Universe – Jason Haxton Halloween Interview

Episode 524 – Mysterious Universe – Jason Haxton and Kevin Mannis

The Dibbuk Box

Paranormal Witness – Dibbuk Box Episode (August 29)

Humanoid Reports and Other Encounters…2010-August 2012: Part 1

2010 Humanoids – Albert Rosales PDF Report

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Shadow Worlds: Monsters in Our Midst

Reddit, what is the creepiest ‘true’ story some one has ever told you?

Biologist Rupert Sheldrake Explains the Ten Dogmas Holding Science Back


Arkist – Fill Your Coffee via Waxhole

Breton – The Commission (Lapaluxs Aquatic Centre Remix) via Potholes in my Blog

Holy Other – Tense Past via Know Phase

Michna – Through The City On The Edge Of Forever via Radio ClubFoot

Woodville – King Of The Waves via Big Echo

Arkist – Two Night Stand via Waxhole

OOFT – Love and Soulsaving (Foto-007) LO RES via Phuture Labs

Von D – Von D ft Phephe-Set Me Free (Stinkahbell Remix) via EARMILK

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  • abeam
  • Well it looks like that Dibbuk Box is in a funny mood tonight – I tried to search MU 808 and was sent to the same underwear ad. Sorry – I am a whitey tighty kinda brief guy. Try the full name “Mysterious Universe 808”.

  • I see shadow people in my house all of the time and they don’t bother me… I’ve grown used to them… I just wish the one guy that likes to walk around while I’m trying to watch TV would stand still or go to another room until whatever I’m watching is over…

  • Urantian

    Gregg Bradden already found an ecrypted message on our DNA. check it out!

  • There is a pretty simple explanation for what the East Indian lady experienced and why. The reason she would have been reminded of her mother and the presence of the white ash is because her mother – understanding the nature of the spirit world – would have been there with her. Her presence and evidence of her presence as well as her love for her daughter and vise versa protected her from any negative experiences. Love protects – there is no greater love than a mother for her child. No demon could survive a mothers wrath either. As Russell Targ says the most power mantra in the world is ‘I and my Mommy are one.’ It is the soul at the child level that knows the oneness with creation is the most powerful force there is.