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Episode 609 – Mysterious Universe Plus+

China’s dedicated Yeren hunter heads up our headlines as we hear of his 3 decades in the footprints of the illusive red haired Cryptid. Hopefully the man lends a hand to the new Yeren film being filmed in Hubei province this year.

We also look at a new Wood Devil sighting in Sierra Nevada, alien drones in South America, and how, according to Thai Buddhists, Steve Jobs has re-incarnated as a ‘Supreme Deity of Design’.

Read on for show notes, video, and music.

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New $2.4M Yeren Movie Begins Shooting in China this October

One Man’s Inspiring Story about China’s Bigfoot

Big cat mystery deepens as zoo keeper claims a new panther sighting in Mt Macedon

Birds hold ‘funerals’ for dead

Thai Group Says Steve Jobs Reincarnated as Warrior-Philosopher

‘Penelope’ – Sierra Nevada Mountains

Sierra Nevada Penelope Monster


Creepy Camping Stories

Machines From Elsewhere: Robots and UFOs

Bents Basin Wallacia, New South Wales, Australia

The Glenburn-Paisley Poltergeist

Hack: Hearing Voices

Who’s there?

8-Year Old Boy Finds Piece of Whale Vomit Worth $63,000


Culprate – Two via Salacious Sound

Bwana – Baby Let Me Finish (Saine Remix) via Upside Sounds

Spies On Bikes – Catahoula via smokeDONTsmoke

Roger Gravel – Un Habit En La Bmol via Waves at Night

KOAN Sound – Sly Fox via Why FuKK When You Can Dance


  • I just love that story of the flying refrigerator trying to imitate the barking of the dog. I’ve sometimes wondered if UFOs buzzing airline planes are not some type of living entity with a limited intelligence, trying to coach the jets into initiating some type of alien aerial mating ritual 😉

    Also, let’s not forget that the infamous Chupas from the Brazilian cases in the 70s were also described as shaped like refrigerators.

    Re. the voices schizophrenics hear, and how nowadays we treat all those cases with drugs, it’s interesting to note how in shamanic cultures they distinguish different types of madness.

    Contrary to what we would imagine, not everything is explained as possession by spirits or demons, and the shamans can tell the difference when the root of the problem is solely in the person’s head.

  • possibilianist G-gnome

    All those robotic UFO tales remind me of an old episode of 6 Million Dollar Man. It freaked me out as a kid and it has always stuck with me and one of these days I’m gonna to track the episode it down.

    From what I remember Steve Austin was up against some machine like entity in a field, this thing made crazy dronning noises and whenever he got close it would do something to him. It looked almost like an Apollo capsule but had all kinds of tricks up it’s sleeve. I remember it grabbing his arm with some grappling device and spraying stuff…

    Anyway he tried everything and couldn’t stop this thing! I don’t remember the ending and if this machine was some military or corporate device, or some crazy mad scientist invention. I don’t remember it being from another world though but who knows.

    Great episode guys.