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Episode 813 – Mysterious Universe

Jonathan Witcomb makes a guest appearance to discuss his research into sightings of the Ropen, the modern day Pterosaur. Is there a population of this giant flying reptile still undiscovered by modern humankind? 

We also feature a new report from New Mexico of a family being harassed by tall mysterious figures with illuminated red eyes, more first hand paranormal reports from nurses, and the non-human chameleon’s that stalk San Francisco’s Bay Area Rapid Transit train.

Read on for show notes, books, and music.

Charles Halt, Former Air Force Colonel, Accuses U.S. Of UFO Cover-Up

The ‘Night Stalker’: Terrible Being Torments Family

“The Night Stalker”

Chile: The Mothman Visits La Serena

Jonathan Whitcomb – Live Pterosaurs

Dashrath Manjhi – The Man Who Moved a Mountain

Man caught trying to board plane with monkey in his pants

Whats your best nursing ghost story?

Night of the Wicked Priest [original story. Update to be posted soon]

The Hairy Hands Horror

The Earth can sing! Listen to its ‘chorus’



Eprom – HURRICANE via The Astral Plane

Ta-ku – I’m Into You via Kick Kick Snare

Broke For Free – The Gold Lining via Les Petits Bruits

fedbymachines – She Grows, Goes via EgyptianMaraccas

Stereo Express – Sweet Dreams (Original Mix) [BUY]

Lapalux – The Hours via Les Petits Bruits

Dubfire – Road Kill (Original Mix) [BUY]

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  • Kent

    Great show as usual guys.

    I have a problem with night time sightings with no light or brief sightings with very little light. The reason being is that your eyes are constantly doing calculations based on the information it sees. It is how we gauge distances, sizes, etc. At night time, the amount of information for a person’s mind to assimilate is a tiny fraction of what it is during the day. A silhouette of a moth or bird against a dark sky would be very difficult to gauge. Add in a dose of adrenaline and the possibility of misjudging something’s scale and details skyrockets.

    Yes I am a skeptic. Not because I don’t want to believe, quite the opposite. I want to believe more than anything, I just demand extraordinary proof for extraordinary claims. I hope no one takes this as an insult but as a challenge to seek undeniable proof.

    Love the show, can’t wait for next weeks.

    PS, Don’t listen to the show at night with headphones on. Bastards.

  • Nick Tolman

    I agree.
    Explaining one unknown with another unknown is not an explanation. Hell, it barely qualifies as speculation. Saying that, for instance, Sasquatch hasn’t been found because he’s an inter dimensional being who can disappear is not useful. It’s about as useful as “The Albanian pygmy gnomes who live in my sock drawer told me so”

  • While I do tend to agree that the Fortean angle in Cryptozoology is a *very* slippery slope from which one will struggle to climb back, I think that the more outré cases should nevertheless be treated with the same level of objectivity and professionalism than the rest of the more conventional ones receive. They might leave uncomfortable questions open, but that’s no excuse to shove them under the mattress, just because we want our house to look more presentable for the scrutiny of mainstream media.

    As both a member of MU and Cryptomundo, I try to treat Bigfoot as a sort ‘uncollapsed wave function’. I have no personal problem in trying to research it as both a wave (an undiscovered animal) and a particle (a ‘paranormal’ entity). Likewise, while I’m a big advocate for the UFO phenomenon, I’m not denouncing the futility of the SETI program; let Seth & his boys keep searching for ET’s Twitters with their radiotelescopes. What’s wrong with attacking a problem from two different perspectives?

    Negative results are never entirely fruitless, because they can help us ask better questions.

  • Michael

    I’m pretty interested in Biocentrism as proposed by Dr. Robert Lanza. Good show; check out this scientific theory if you can.

  • Devoted Follower

    Oh dear lord my week has been a bleak fog of meaninglessness without a new MU… why god, why?!!

  • texasdirtdigger LK

    There are bears in NM so do not discount that.