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Episode 616 – Mysterious Universe Plus+

Headlines broke this week reporting Russian DNA evidence of the Siberian Yeti. Was it just another media circus from Siberia or did the ‘evidence’ hold up to scrutiny?

We also investigate reports of luminous objects repeatedly spotted along the Tibet/India border coupled with sightings of robotic flying humanoids in the region.

Read on for show notes, music, and Mer-angels.

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Sasquatch in Siberia? Hair found in Russian cave ‘belonged to unknown mammal closely related to man’

‘They have an acute sense of danger’: Yeti expert defends lack of sasquatch sightings as row erupts over his claims that 200 live in Siberia

Action man Putin felled by mystery injury

VIDEO: A Bigfoot sighting in Provo Canyon?

Phone interview: Bigfoot sighting in Provo Canyon?

Strange tale: Ojibwa tale of a ‘Skyman’ visitor may have been alien

Mystery Sighting Spooks Soldiers

Himalaya UFO Activity: Mysterious Objects Alarm Indian Soldiers

Mistaken Foreign Myths about Shambhala

The Creeping Shadow

Watching horror films burns nearly 200 calories a time

The Evil Black Vapor

Levitating Friend

Threatened by Swamp Shadows

William Mistele on communing with ‘Mermaids, Sylphs, Gnomes and Salamanders’

Franz Bardon Hermetics, Fairy Tales, and Transpersonal Psychology

Mermaid Youtube Channel

Mermaid Woman Interview: Rachel, 1 of III [VIDEO]

Seven Chakra Reading [VIDEO]


Dark Sky – Hequon (50Weapons024) Out Dec 7

Sau Poler – Rutes

Lomovolokno – Fracture

Galaxians – Mermaids of Miami


  • *Sigh* I probably should refrain from writing this, but… there’s a good reason that girl in the Mermaid Woman Interview: Rachel 1 of 3 video looks so damn hot.

    And that’s because she works on the adult film industry, by the name of Chanel Preston –look it up if you want 😉

    So this raises some questions to me: is ‘Rachel’ really convinced she has a ‘mermaid’ aura, or is she just an actress for hire?