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Episode 618 – Mysterious Universe Plus+

After wrapping up some of the weekend’s odd science headlines we investigate an intriguing report from a Spanish explorer in North America during the 1500s. The natives describe an entity whose antics remind us of modern day abduction reports.

We then hear one woman’s metaphysical ‘wolfman’ encounter in New York before an in depth interview with a social worker who’s expertise were required with a young child’s case of spirit possession.

Read on for show notes, music, and more.

Microbial fauna in your belly button is like a ‘tropical forest’

US military invests in 3D printing on the frontline

Time’s up: Gene can predict what time of day you will die

Native North American Vampire?

Nick Redfern’s Latest! 


We Sink – Blackspot (Druid Cloak Remix)

Berry Weight – Yeti’s Lament

Raime – Soil And Colts

Kinack – Mossback

Gang Colours – Fancy Restaurant

BEΛR//FVCE – Jean-Ralphio

Nym – Thistle

Adventure Time – Bacon Pancakes Ryden Ridge Remix

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  • about a month ago I read an article from the ig nobel prize that belly button lint migrates up from a persons underwear. So if the navel is a tropical forest, I could only imagine what sort of alien world, or dark side of the moon is down there.

  • Trevor G.

    Great…”Bacon Pancakes” is now on infinite loop in my brain. I hope you’re happy. 😛

  • That mental picture of Ben & Aaron, each holding a bucket of popcorn and worried people would think they were going to watch the last Twilight film: Halmark moment.

  • acrunchyfrog

    The Makin’ Bacon Pancakes outro is just what is needed to ensure all of our vibrations have been raised to proper levels for the 2012 ascension!