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Episode 820 – Mysterious Universe

Forecasts for humankind are made this week with new think tanks tackling the future development of AI and its impact on our very survival. 

We then feature a conflicted view of ancient North America with ignored evidence revealing the advanced lost civilisations and the giant race that preceded them.

Read on for show notes, music, and video.

Ecstasy used to treat war veterans in new research

SpaceX founder unveils plan to send 80,000 people to Mars

Pentagon: A Human Will Always Decide When a Robot Kills You

Cambridge centre to investigate inevitability of robot uprising

Stonemason James Vieira of Ashfield studies ‘mound builders,’ ancient stonework


Holocaust of Giants – The Great Smithsonian Cover-up



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Humanoid Reports & Other Encounters / 2010 – August 2012: Part 4

Year-long Stay on ET Base


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  • Michael Lala

    Guys would it be too fringe to suggest a possible connection between the giants remains and the modern big foot sightings we have? With this proposal we at least have physical remains that fit the characteristics much better than many other skeptical write-offs of chimps or escaped orangutans. It isn’t uncommon to have a species with a migration pattern for life and death (and there aren’t many wild animals that can kill a bigfoot and leave it for someone to find), or for Ben’s sake, they may have went extinct but they could have left some ethereal energy that will stick around like ghosts, maybe to protect it’s old environment or just hangs out not knowing it’s even dead.

    Of course it is all just theory and maybe too fringe for my fellow listeners, but ideas are all we’ll have for now as those remains sit in a box collecting dust next to the arch of the covenant.

  • There could be a connection between Bigfoot & the megalithic giants, who knows.

    But one of the things that were supposedly reported about the giants, is that they showed 6 toes in their feet. And in all the casts of (alleged) Bigfoot tracks, you always see 5 toes.

  • Guys when you were discussing all the copper that’s been extracted from the Americas, you really blew my mind away 🙂

    I wish I could show you a bass relief I saw at the Mexican National Museum of Anthropology, on the Olmeca room. The carving showed men with distinct semitic racial characteristics. I’m sure the phoenicians established commercial routes to the New World, and maybe they were the ones exporting all the copper.

    Or maybe it was a much older civilization.

  • possibilianist G-gnome

    Hey Guys! Another great episode. In regards to the 500k to move to Mars….
    I was picturing more of a mortgage type situation. I’m sure there would be some sort of credit available and you could just dock it from your pay. Who knows what you would spend the rest of your money on up there. MU membership and netflix maybe.

    I think it would be more like you would have to apply and take tests to make sure your have the right aptitude and capabilities to be of service in that environment.

    I would go!

  • EnderWiggin

    America has shown in it’s buried record that it really is a melting pot of civilization. Anybody who still subscribes to the status quo which basically narrows it down to a scattering of Native Americans who probably came over the land bridge of Alaska and Russia as the only proprietors of the land until the Spanish arrived is fooling themselves. There are stories and records of all sorts of groups coming to American soil. There are religious stories of groups coming over during the Babylonian Empire as well as Jerusalem around 600bc. Plus there are all sorts of Native American legends of visitors going back thousands of years. Throw in a few giants with 2 rows of teeth and you have a pretty rich history that is completely mysterious. Is it really that hard to believe that a few of these groups decided to mine some copper along the way and send it back home? I think not.

  • Heh. The guy did seem to have suffered with the constrain of 15 minutes imposed by the TEDx format 😉

  • If I were Musk, I think I’d rather invest in telemetry technology and robotics which would allow users to control robots deployed on the surface. That way, the colonizers could safely work on orbit while their robotic avatars do all the hard hazardous work.