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Episode 622 – Mysterious Universe Plus+

With our final Plus+ episode for the season we cover the strange cases of Body Integrity Identity Disorder and question a possible link with hidden past life trauma.

Nigerian Baboon and Hyena gangs are also featured along with fresh black eyed people encounters and more encounters with star people.

Read on for show notes, music, and books.

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vogue battle

Rick Dyer has another Bigfoot in a freezer!

‘I Need to Be Paralysed, It’s an Intense Longing’

Glad to lose ‘alien’ limb

Translating Transableism: when being able-bodied becomes a disability

I Have Body Integrity Identity Disorder

My Biid

I Want My Arm Cut Off

Call Me Stupid

Beyond The Norm

Past Life Therapy, Trauma Release and the Body

Phantom Limbs

Do Our Organs Have Memories?

Shifting Black Eyes

Black-Eyed Knocker



chrome sparks – Send The Pain On

Justice – Helix

JaysWays – Crank (Surrogates Part II)

Bear In Heaven – Sinful Nature


  • Not only is it the last Plus+ episode of the season but let’s not forget it may very well be the last Plus+ episode ever…. dun dun dun!

  • I assume the black powder will raise their vibrations so high they will be as gods, looking down in amusement at us mere mortals

  • Good thing gods still need angels to carry out their chores *wink* 😉

  • though nothing inspires more prayer than the acts of the devil.