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Episode 822 – Mysterious Universe

DOD Think Tank predictions for 2030 are discussed first up this week shortly followed by highly strange phantom Mammoth sightings from Nick Redfern.

Andrew Nicholson then joins us for a short chat on his new book “Weird Australia” which inspires us to investigate fresh claims of ancient Egyptian colonies in New South Wales.

This is our second last regular episode for season 8. Be sure to join us for our final show LIVE on December 21st and keep an eye on the site for details on how to tune in.

Read on for show notes, music, and book links.

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The revolutionary ‘contact lens’ loaded with stem cells that restores sight – by helping the eye heal itself naturally

These Patents Show A Seriously Shocking Future for Handcuffs

U.S. Spies See Superhumans, Instant Cities by 2030

Monster Diary: Brad Steiger Reviews

Andrew Nicholson – Weird Australia

IAmA UFO investigator and was on Ancient Aliens, AMA


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Renewed interest in Gosford glyphs

Egyptians in Australia Part 1 – Steven Strong

Re-Writing Australia’s History: The Egyptian Connection

Reading Between the Walls and Lines: The Ancient Australian-Egyptian Connection


Valerie Barrow channels Alcheringa

Vintage Alcheringa

Audible Recommendations

Twilight Of The Gods: The Mayan Calendar And The Return Of The Extraterrestrials


Shadow Child – 23 (feat. Tymer)

Stumbleine – Kaleidoscope

Indian Wells – Wimbledon 1980

Wih’lo – It’s True (Liar’s ‘It’s a Lie’ Mix)


MJ Cole – Sincere (Nero Remix)

Jamie Woon – Night Air (Felix Nite Till Thee Dawn Remix) 

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  • I’m pretty sure ‘Alcheringa’ means ‘hairball’ in the old Lemurian tongue 😉

    As for the glyphs, couldn’t it be something like the ones found by Dr. John Ward at Gebel el Sisila? We need to hear his input in all this.

  • Michael Lala

    We have a custom wheelchair company here in Washington State and they use a 3D printer to develop plastic models of their drafts. Having a physical object can help them configure a problem with more accuracy than having to imagine it or develop a few mock ups before making an edit.

    About the whole thing with aliens taking us out if they wanted to…many people also assume that there are supposed to be whole fleets and armies of these things that can take us out if they wanted to but what are the chances of only a few survivors of their species? Would they risk public knowledge or live within their means alongside of us?

  • @Aaron: are you sure about NSW national parks charging for entry? My parents live next to Nightcap n.p. and there’s no admission fee for it… otherwise they’d be paying it every time they drove home 🙂 Maybe they’re just doing it around Sydney?

  • azzwright

    I should have pointed out its when you take a vehicle into a NP. I had to buy a pass just to take my Kayak into Kuringgai NP :/

  • possibilianist G-gnome

    I was thinking the same thing RPJ! Not about the hairball of course:) but about comparing to the Dr’s symbolism discoveries. Supposedly being older than the hieroglyphics, it would not surprise me if there was some connection. Maybe there is some hidden power in them thus the cover up…..

  • If only we could think of some way to collectively pay for upkeep of and access to our National Parks, like through taxes perhaps? Oh, wait…

  • tengojazz

    Pertaining to the idea that bigfoot is unlikely to exist because large males are seen most often, African elephants can have yearly migrations of tens of thousands of miles, but bulls (males) are most often seen. This is because the female elephants are less daring, and will usually circumnavigate areas with dense human populations.