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MU Plus+ Episode 704 - Mysterious Universe Plus+

Episode 704 – Mysterious Universe Plus+

Surrounded by boxes still waiting to be unpacked, we launch into our first recording from our new studio with Skeleton’s of lost Kings, 3D printing on the moon, and Iran’s super stealth IKEA plane.

We then feature Micah Hank’s musings on UFO’s swallowing up aircraft and their crew before getting lost in the jungles of Puerto Rico in search of underground bases and alien holograms.

Read on for show notes, music, and space pr0n.

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  • Red Pill Junkie

    PS: Too bad Coco is not in the mood to top out The Uranus Experiment 2, which was the first & only porn video shot in a free-falling airplane –seriously, how many directors can claim they captured the 1st ejaculation in zero gravity? Eat your heart out, Ron Howard!!

  • Dogma

    Let me paint a more complete picture of the adventures of Kai the Hatchet Superhero: Kai and Jesus hook up at a recycling center, score some bath salts with the money they get, and then proceed to get high in Jesus’ truck.

    Then Jesus smokes a bit too much and goes on a bad one, but Kai is there (luckily) to save the day with his handy hatchet… (albeit COMPLETELY out of his mind on bath salts)… And order is once again restored in the Universe!

    Yay for Kai!