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Episode 706 – Mysterious Universe Plus+

With asteroids raining down among us we turn away from NASA’s lies and seek fresh ‘truth nuggets’ from the darkest crevices of the internet.

Could the Pope’s resignation be connected to the fiery rocks slung from the heavens? Will the antichrist crawl from the steaming crater to establish a new world order? Will Aaron raise enough money for botox treatments?

We answer these burning questions and more on this week’s Plus+ exclusive!

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  • Sexy stories:

  • the silver string stories remind of the Moirai, or 3 fates in Greek mythology. How they cast out, measured and cut the string of the lives on mankind. I believe other cultures also have similar concepts such as Odin and the Norns if my memory is correct.

  • Candiruphobe

    Re. the hatman. I can see it now, you’re paralized, terrified out of your mind while the hatman creeps closer and closer, it reaches for you and… Hrm, nice hat there, very stylish…

  • My only complaint is that the episode was way too short. As usual. 😉 Yours is one of the few that, when they pop up on my download list, I give an audible “yay!” hehe
    One question though. Is the final track of the show not credited? I’m a sucker for Russian folk music (even when remixed and whatnot) and would love to know where that came from! Thanks guys!

  • That last chant music at the end of the show. Can’t find it!

  • cdainmiller

    I need it too! I am at work sitting down for a long day of programming and I could really use that music! Can haz song? 😀 Jk Aaron, but please do if you don’t mind provide us a link to that amazing tune.