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Episode 915 – Mysterious Universe

Stephen Bassett is our guest this week with details on the upcoming Citizen Hearing on Disclosure in Washington D.C. The event is shaping up to be the most impressive list of researchers and eyewitnesses ever assembled and has the potential to be a truly historic moment on the path to the official disclosure of an extraterrestrial presence engaging the human race.

Micah Hanks and Scotty Roberts also drop in to talk Intrepid news and share the lineup for The 2013 Paradigm Symposium, while in the Plus+ extension we discover the softer side of Sasquatch and chase Chupacabras with Chaka in Chile.

Stephen Bassett


Citizen Hearing on Disclosure



Intrepid Indiegogo


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  • (1) Bassett sez that people who question the extraterrestrial reality of UFOs are still living in the 1960s. Well I say that his stubbornness to contemplate other possibilities puts him in the 1950s, when visitors of Mars & Venus were the most ‘rational’ (read ‘easy to grasp’) explanation for the likes of Major Donald Keyhoe & co.

    (2) If Congress is pretty much ‘irrelevant’, what can we say about former members of Congress —who are getting paid to sit there & listen to all these hours of testimonies?

    (3) Who’s his/her benefactor, paying for all this?

    Clearly Bassett is a man on a mission, showing a lot of devotion in his activism to bring about Disclosure, and I admire him for that. But that doesn’t make him right though. You can also find a lot of devotion in the American antivax movement, and even in the people rejecting the Evolution theory.

    Furthermore, I’m not so sure his way to bring the mainstream media to jump on the Disclosure wagon is the right one —i.e. accusing them of either incompetence or collusion with the ‘Truth Embargo’. It kind of reminds me of the atheist tactics of making snarky jokes at the expense of the folks that are ‘stupid enough’ to believe in God, which in fact has the opposite result, since the people who feel offended by the attacks will naturally react by closing their ears & angrily defend their belief system.

    But… I could be wrong, and Basset might end up becoming UFOlogy’s Mandela. Let’s see what happens

    PS: I wholeheartedly second the Indiegogo reward of spending a hot night with Micah Hanks, which should be marketed as… The Bunker Bachelor

    PPS: Here’s your rainbow people

  • sassychan

    For what it’s worth, I am one of those people who feel offended by the attacks. I agree with you whole-heartedly RPJ. Mainstream media will just ignore him totally. As per usual.

  • EnderWiggin

    AMEN RPJ!!! He clearly has a lot of passion and drive towards his goal but his fallacy and his weak point his is blatant mistrust and negative commenting on the legislative process. His overall view of America and its “failure” is going to be the thing that shoots him in the foot. The media nor congress will give him the time of day unless he changes his stance. Relying on the media to bring disclosure is short sided. If there is a “truth embargo” then the powers that be who are in charge of enforcing it have been successful for almost a century now. I don’t think they are suddenly about to cave to a mock up “people’s” legislative hearing run by retirees.

  • olit123

    This is tremendously exciting, it finally seems like something is happening.

  • Who’s his mysterious backer for this? The person putting up 600k? First name that comes to mind is Dan Aykroyd. If so, Dan’s wasting his money. Sure, the witnesses are overwhelming, but where’s the hard evidence that will silence skeptics? They don’t have any. They don’t need an alien. They don’t need a body. They don’t need a UFO. If they had just one small unexplainable alien artifact to produce at this conference, they’d have a slam dunk. Without it, the press won’t pick up the ball.

  • The link that eric82 provided gives the name of his backer in one of the comments —he’s Canadian, but not Dan.

    Testimonies can only go so far. I mean even a former president of the United States claimed to have seen a UFO (Carter). Nobody told him to his face that he was either mistaken or delusional back when he was in office, but it didn’t also alter much when it comes to public perception on the subject. In fact things have gotten worse because admitting to have seen a UFO can literally cost you the seat of the White House —*couch* Kucinich *cough*

    But then again, we come to one of my personal peeves: the difference between EVIDENCE & PROOF. Evidence to me is something tantalizing that deserves further scrutiny. Proof is irrefutable & conclusive, and when you have it it means you can stop searching because you found what you were looking for —even if it’s not what you were hoping for.

    So, testimony of highly trained & credible witnesses is good evidence of the UFO phenomenon. *not* conclusive proof.

    What could constitute conclusive proof? I think it varies from people to people. If CNN showed the landing of a UFO on the White House lawn, I can guarantee you that a significant percentage of the American people would still refuse to believe it 😉

  • Katie

    You say you want the media to stop making fun of people who believe in UFOs, you then immediately turn around and make fun of “Love and Light people”. Why should the media take you any more seriously than you take people who believe in something you think is stupid?

  • It’s pretty simple really. There is enough evidence for the existence of UFOs that the topic deserves serious study.

    Dolphin Crystals and 5D energy on the other hand is mostly hilarious nonsense. I say mostly because there is still wisdom to be found there, it’s just buried under too many dream catchers and ascension books.

  • Katie

    I still think you should practice what you preach. For every piece of evidence you might have there’s 50 photoshopped saucers and some guy in a Tin foil hat talking about his anal probe. For every ex-astronaut there’s an ex-supersoldier who also claims to have been to the moon.

  • We also make fun of the photoshopped saucers, the tin foil hats, the probes, and especially the super soldiers. You might not have heard enough of our shows but the back catalogue is full of us making fun of just about every paranormal topic. Even if something is deserved of serious study there’s still something to poke fun at. It just seems like we are especially hard on the New Agers because they give us so much material to work with!