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Episode 920 – Mysterious Universe

Returning guest Scott Alan Roberts joins us for more examinations of ancient myth, religious legends and the reptilian symbology behind them. 

New material from Nick Redfern is also featured leading us into surviving Megafauna in Australia before we look at another John Keel classic and late night encounters with the Succubus.

Scott Alan Roberts

Scott Roberts

Intrepid Magazine

Paradigm Symposium 2013




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  • Benjamin Grundy: the Dalek hybrid.

  • cdainmiller


  • Yeah, I was thinking: if super-intelligence would provoke madness, perhaps those super-genius would indulge in truly bizarre activities.

    …Like mutilating animals & abducting innocent people at night.

  • I was tempted to do it in that voice.

  • Now you’re demanded to.

    Comply before the end of this time cycle, otherwise… well, you know.

  • PLUS-inspired artwork

  • So the goal human-alien hybrids is to dumb themselves down!

    …That kinda makes sense, actually 😉

  • Amanda Molixam

    I love the last 1:30 seconds of the extended episode. I’ve called two people “Arrogant Whore” today. Thanks for that. Also, WTF is carob?

  • Rachel421

    You know, I can’t explain it but this just made my day.

  • azzwright


  • Faux Chocolate nonsense.

  • azzwright


  • Just finished the episode (amazing as usual) and now I have an unexpected craving for chocolate…

  • Underseer

    Bear in mind that if you’re a transhumanist, you have a vested interest in denying anything that contradicts the materialist world view or, heaven forbid, the existence of the soul.

    Otherwise yours would be a futile enterprise that would lead to a spiritual dead end – if there’s a world beyond death, then you’ve locked yourself out of it – possibly irretrievably. But you can imagine the sneering that this concern raises in such quarters.

    It shouldn’t come as a surprise that the vast majority of ‘singularitarians’ and transhumanists would regard you guys at MU and we, your audience, as superstitious fools and nut-jobs for our interest in the topics you cover.

    The transhumanist movement comprises some of the most hardened, cynical materialists out there. Phrases like ‘spiritual evolution’ often draw – at the most polite – embarrassed silence, as if one had unleashed particularly heinous flatulence in a small, crowded elevator.

    You don’t even have to accept these paranormal topics as real, mind, you merely have to be interested in them to be dismissed as scientifically illiterate, intellectual cowards unable to face the truth of inescapable post-mortem oblivion. Only transhumanism offers salvation from this grim fate, they believe. I frequent some of these transhumanist blogs and forums, and ‘soul’ is a four letter word there, only used by religious loons.

    Don’t get me wrong – I think AI is eminently possible. I think widespread augmentation is probable, even desirable in some ways. As would the singularity, if married with wisdom rather than mere self-serving knowledge – pretty unlikely given humanity’s track record of technological barbarism.

    It’s just that I’m struck by the irony of many transhumanists’ distaste for the paranormal as ‘pseudo-science’ when many in the scientific community regard them as pandering to fringe science themselves.

  • opentill6am

    Just a note — loved the episode. You guys are awesome to listen to.

    clip of the lady that you play was actually a skit from Saturday Night
    Live. The character’s called “Girl You Wish You Hadn’t Talked To At A
    Party”. It’s quite funny and you may enjoy her and Seth. 🙂