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  • I just had a badass epiphany.

    These breatharianists are to become the first zombies that will unleash the Apocalypse.

    Hear me out to see how it makes perfect sense: you see how zombies are always going after the brain? well, that’s because they’re actually after the pineal gland!

    It all finally makes sense now…

    PS: “Warp speed in Star Wars”, Ben?? you need to lay off the carobs, boy!

  • That movie is unfairly underestimated IMO. Thanks for bringing it up 🙂

  • John Paul Phillips
    this is the news clipping of the seattle lady who is trying to live on light! she stopped after dropping 20% of her body weight. maybe if she raised her vibrations she would have been able to finish

  • You should’ve clapped harder, dammit!