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  • The Reddit account of the Smiling Man reminded me of this incredible story involving a British councillor, who in 2009 observed in broad daylight a bizarre-looking entity wearing something akin to a tutu dress, walking down the street while performing some odd circular movements with her arms.

  • R. Allen

    Ahh, nice one. Haven’t heard of that one.
    I thought it was the Harlequin, who is Loki, imo.

  • You could say it’s a harlequin-esque entity, but the difference IMO is that she was not scary.

  • R. Allen

    Which was not scary? The Reddit story or the one you referenced?

    I got the impression the entity in the Reddit story was very scary, and that was what I was saying was the Harlequin.
    I have no idea what the entity in your story was. Very strange!

  • I’m sorry for not being clear enough. I meant the tutu entity on my story. According to the main witness, several people walking down that street saw the hand-circling lady, who was smiling & didn’t appear threatening, and even a few of them took pics of her with their mobile phones.

    Of course, the caveat with the story is that none of those pics have ever surfaced.