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11.04 – MU Podcast


Futurology discussions dominate the first half of the episode with news of Google’s recent AI acquisition, new nanotechnology breakthroughs, and the purple future of fruit.

We then head down a dark road and look at the recent media coverage of the possession case from Carl, Indiana. Plus+ members get more Brazilian accounts this time focusing on Amazonian poisons and 1970s psychic surgeries.

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  • AprilLynn71
  • Klam Ber

    this “hey” – It’s a shutter sound of the photo camera, sorry.

  • John

    i wouldnt call it a portal to hell, for some reason the family was focused on by the demons if there were any, the home had nothing to do with it.

    the demons were excised, and the activity stopped. of course the next tenants wouldnt have anything happen.

  • Dogma

    I’m a little surprised that Aaron would be so skeptical on the “Portal” story. Aside from the family there is a handful of social/medical professionals who all experienced it. What more do you want?

    Also, it doesn’t seem very likely that a police chief would would risk his reputation by using a ghost app (assuming he even knows how to).

    The humanoid figure is universal and not exclusive to ghost-making iPhone applications.

  • photonjr

    Re. “Does Stephen Fry own the rights to his voice?”:


  • Joel

    Jesus that intro song is amazing…. Sorry, that’s about as insightful as I’m going to get right now. <3